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08-21-05, 12:42 AM
Had the need to take my 02 Deville in for service - AC was blowing warm from Driver side, Cold from Passenger. Had seen the good review of DeSimone earlier here, so I decided to give them a chance. Since my G/F drives this Caddy, she dropped it off the other day, and they drove her (in another Caddy) to her workplace a few miles away.

She was very impressed with the greeting and service set up, the service writer MATT was very good.

Turns out the compressor was going to pieces inside, and one hose was bad. They also needed to fit a new Schrader valve on. Our Ext. Warranty paid for the compressor. I talked to Matt when he first called me, and he seemed very straight up and honest. I asked him to do a drain and fill/Supplement while he was at it, since the Deville has 112K on it now and I don't really know when the last (if ever) time the coolant was serviced. He knew what I was talking about when I requested the coolant supplement, too. Didn't try to talk me in to a flush or anything else.

They did need the car overnight because they had to order out for the Schraeder, but you can't blame them for that. The only thing that Melissa didn't like about the deal was that Enterprise gave her an Impala.. LOL
She didn't want to drive it the next day to work, so I let her take my Eldo. I drove the Imp back up to DeSimone, and they were indeed very nice. They even washed the car for us...

This was a marked difference from our trip a few months ago to Kerbeck in Palmyra - when Melissa showed up to drop the Deville off, no one even took notice of her, and she had to interrupt the service desk guy in his game of Windows Solitaire to take care of her. Her general impression was that unless you drove up in a Bentley or Lambo at F.C. Kerbeck, you were a 2nd class citizen. Since I can't really complain about the (rare) service I had done at Kerbeck's shop in Atlantic City, I didn't think it was worth a review. But DeSimone is our place now, when necessary.

If this experience is indicative of their general level, I HIGHLY recommend them for any dealer needs. A bit pricey (labor was $90 per) but that may be about standard for a fairly well-to-do suburb of Phila..

03-09-06, 04:09 PM