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08-20-05, 08:17 PM
Hi All,

Sorry about posting here, it's one of the few forums I read and I know a few of you have 'Vettes. I'm looking for a few pages from a GM shop manual if anyone can help...

I'm putting an '87 C4 front suspension under my '47 Ford coupe and I'd like to see any pages involving a-arm/ball joint R&R as I'll be replacing all rubber bushings and ball joints. Caliper rebuild will also be appreciated!



08-23-05, 11:23 AM
I would try the C4 tech section on www.corvetteforum.com. Somebody there should have exactly what you need.

After you fish through 30 replies saying, "Well, my mechanic said..." or "Just bring it to the dealer..." you'll find somebody who knows which end of the ratchet is intended for a bolt and should be able to point you toward the diagrams you need.