: ugh... stupid arguement with my friend...

Night Wolf
08-20-05, 03:59 AM
no reason to post this, but ah well....

anyway, this is a really good friend of mine, he lives in Hawaii, I went there this summer, he came here also..

he has a 2000 Toyota Tundra and thinks all cars are stupid, reguardless, and we get into some debates sometimes, but this one just pissed me off, it all goes around to the same thing and never makes any progress.

the thing about the "$300" car in the story is this: I went to the gas station to get ice creame, I had the '79 DeVille, my friend stayed in the car with the enigne running... lady in an SUV pulls in, gets out and walks in front of my car as I am wlaking out to it, I notice she is looking back at the car and stuff, so I get in, and I was like, see that, people are always looking at this car, he was like, no, it was because she just hit her door into your car... at first I thought he was joking.. I was like, yeah, right... he was like, no really she didn't, didn't seem bad but I felt it... *the windows were open, he was right there, her door his his door* I was like, you didn't say anything? he goes, why should I? it's only a $300 car car, who cares *this gets me really pissed* so I just leave without confronting the lady at all, pissed I am, leave some Cadillac rubber as I leave the gas sation... really pissed so I stop at another gas station down the road to look at my door.... no dent, I see a smudge on the bump strip along the door.. it did it's job...

ok, so she isn't a show car, it is a '79 Sedan DeVille with a couple rusty paint chips.... but come on now, I mean it is just down right rude....

so yeah, the whole time we were together (over a month total) the 2 things that pissed me off were these 2 comments "it is only a $300 car" (referring to the '79) and "there is nothing luxurious about this" (referring to all my cars, which are considered luxury... even my oldsmobile to a point)

grrr, ah well, like I said, no reason to post this, just kinda mad... if you have like 3 hours to read the damn thing, then go for it...

terrible one
08-20-05, 10:25 AM
Well I finally came across something to read on this oh so boring day! And I read it. It reminds me of when I am all stoked about getting something in for the Caddy or about doing this or that to it and they are just like man you are wasting your money on that rust bucket. It pisses me off that they don't understand, but then again, I don't expect them to.

08-20-05, 12:53 PM
It's your car, take care of it...wo what if he doesn't like it or care about it...

08-20-05, 01:12 PM
Hey nightwolf, your friend is so critical. He doesn't have the same mindset you do about your possesions. A friend is supposed to be friend and have your back especially if he sees someone hit your car.
It's your car, take care of it...wo what if he doesn't like it or care about it... That's what we all should remember when someone puts us down about a vehicle or any idea we feel strongly about. I ,as well as, just about everyone here understands why you feel the way like you do and we all feel the same way about our cars. BTW I would have been pissed about the gas station incident too. My friend and I might be "disconnected" for a while. If something ever happens to something of his I would return the comment.

08-20-05, 02:45 PM
Hey Night Wolf,

Tell him that Toyota and Nissan trucks are driven by guys with no nuts. :D

DopeStar 156
08-20-05, 05:25 PM
Hey Night Wolf,

Tell him that Toyota and Nissan trucks are driven by guys with no nuts. :D
Oh snap.

Night Wolf
08-20-05, 05:37 PM
yeah, what really pissed me off the most was what I mentioned, while my '79 isn't a classic like some cars, it is still a classic, and everyday moreso... and there is not another one around here, I always get compliments and people come up to talk and stuff.... to him it is just an "old car you got for $300"

then when we would be on the highway I would hear "there is nothing luxury about this" mostly referring to my '93 Coupe.

When I was in Hawaii, I complimented him on his truck, hell I was in it for 2 weeks and we had fun, I ragged on him for driving a Toyota, driving a with with a DOHC engine and stuff, but I was just joking... he was serious...

ah well, I was just really mad after that last night.

08-20-05, 05:55 PM
What a douchebag!

08-20-05, 09:43 PM
you know when i lived in alaska "tundra wookie" was what we call girl that ....well didnt meet standards ...

it was always the joke we would buy a tundra , put a dooley rear axel under it witht he dooley flares and call it the "tundra wookie"

from that point on .....we never thought of the toy the same way

Night Wolf
08-21-05, 01:56 AM

PinkFlyd175: really though, as much as you think i hate you cars, nobody else i know has as classy of a car as those caddys.
PinkFlyd175: And the 79 is just the classic cruise
PinkFlyd175: cruiser
PinkFlyd175: looks good at night too with the way the headlights are and stuff
PinkFlyd175: ONLY if the AC worked and it didnt blow hot air though, and if the heat waves didnt radiate from underneath
PinkFlyd175: lol
Inoventions East: lol, this is the first time you said anything good about my cars..... how much did you have to drink?
PinkFlyd175: nothing yet
PinkFlyd175: i know i give ya crap but deep down you know i like em
PinkFlyd175: well the olds i didnt really enjoy riding in as much
Inoventions East: no, deep down I think you hate them.... but it is not ture?
PinkFlyd175: no
Inoventions East: well, when you were in it it was a mess and all apart and stuff
PinkFlyd175: i dunno why you think i hate them
PinkFlyd175: yeah, that coud have been part of it but i dunno. its just not as cool as the others

08-21-05, 02:07 AM
....wow.....Pinkfloyd175 has been converted. Congrats Nightwolf.

Night Wolf
08-21-05, 03:00 AM
Pinkfloyd175 has been converted. Congrats Nightwolf.


terrible one
08-21-05, 10:42 AM