: New member... my name speaks for itself.

11-18-03, 08:58 PM
Hey there, My name's Skylar and I'm obviously new to this site. I own
a 1960 Series 62 Coupe. It has a very nice white bubble top, and (I'm
assuming) a re-sprayed silver body. New paint will be a must. No rust
on this car. I've owned it since 1998. It's been garaged since about '99
when (I was young and foolish..) I put it away and started to dismantle
it for the "frame-off" all the older folks in my family were pressuring me
to begin. I lack the funds and resources for a restoration of that magnitude..

I plan on putting it back together (Not a huge job, some chrome trim, a
new passenger window which I must source, the front and rear end and the
driver's door completely taken apart..) and seeing how much money I'll need
to replace the carpet, and rechrome the bumpers. I would love to do the
assembly but I'm not sure I have the time. I may have to try to find a
Michigan based shop to do the reassembly.

I love this car. The shape drives me wild. The ride is floaty and soft.
it's definitely made to be seen and cruise slow. I'll never get another ticket
in that car. I bought it when I was 18 and drove like an ass, I'm surprised
I didn't crash it. I put about 5K on it, it has about 60K on the 390cid V8.
I drive slower now and I appreciate the car.. There is no other car like
a Cadillac, especially a 60's era Cadillac. I have my favorites like anyone
does, but I always smile whenever see a Caddy.

Thanks for reading. I may need to call on you guys, and I'm sure I will
in the future. Looking forward to chatting. I belong to a Honda forum
for my daily driver, but it lacks the attitude that only a vintage Cadillac
can offer. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, as are private
messages and emails. I love to talk Cadillacs. I'll try to post some pictures
soon. I'm afraid I don't have many. When the car's out and I think it's
streetable, I will take hundreds of photos, believe me. Later.


11-18-03, 09:43 PM
Welcome aboard, skylar..... Thanks for signing up :wave:

Wow, a '60 62series coupe!!! That has to be a dream!! Did you end up doing the frame off restoration... What kind of condition is it in??? Those cars really are good for cruising!

Again, welcome, and enjoy your stay here!! We hope to hear more from you and your car!!! Maybe you should consider getting rid of that honda for another cadillac!!!!

11-19-03, 10:50 PM
Hey El. I live in Michigan so the honda is my salt driver. No matter
how heavy that Detroit iron is, it doesn't stand up to Michigan
winters too well. I'm considering looking for another oldschool
GM to pickup and drive while I fix the Caddy. Hondas are so
completely devoid of attitude, it's sad.

I never did the frame-off. I got in over my head. The condition is
pretty much as earlier described, no body rust, about 60K on the clocks,
the series 62 (entry level for those who don't know) interior is
nothing spectacular, needs new carpet... The chrome bumpers are
dull and slightly rusted, and I need to source a passenger side window
because mine's cracked. Other than that, pretty nice ride. I love it.
Probably gonna find a local shop who can help me with the re-assembly
and I'll re-evaluate what I want to do with the car. I wanna keep it,

Thanks for your reply. I thought I'd get a few more replies by now,
but to be honest I haven't found much vintage tech. support or
posts for caddies like mine, so I wasn't expecting much.

11-20-03, 06:40 PM
Theres a few classic caddy gurus here..... Some arent regular posters (1 time a week usually), but we have a couple that visit daily!

Start some new threads with specific questions...!

01-12-05, 08:49 AM
New to this site as well - I too live in Michigan and am a proud owner of a 1960 coupe deville 6300 series - 2 DOOR ! Purchased over a year ago from California - I am the second owner ! Car is a dream and after putting some 5k additional enhancements to the car - I will keep this car for a very long time - Anyway,there are a lot of good shops that will work on your car - but attached with a fee !

01-12-05, 08:50 AM
:) Great car

01-13-05, 08:28 AM
Welcome 1960coupe and pahos!

Thanks guys for signing up with us! Two very vintage very desirable models, you guys are lucky! As Wes says there is a good size following for early 60's caddies (myself included). Post your concerns in the sections they apply and you should get some good response. Good luck!

01-13-05, 10:40 AM
Welcome to the forums.
Don't forget to post some pics!