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04-07-14, 11:29 AM
Hello Everyone, As the title indicates, it's block test time. I put on the new rad cap as posted
earlier (rad cap # ?). This morning it coolant was dribbling out of the overflow and the temp
gauge was barely past straight up. So I would say the engine is not overheating until the coolant gets really low. I just read a lot of sticky's ^^^ and came to the conclusion that the test is the only thing left. I'm going to do a tool rental at a parts store, is there any advice that I should
hear before I 'sail to an unknown place'? Is it possible the filler neck seal place is not good?
Will the test indicate if it is a problem? I'm trying not to jump on the "HG bandwagon". Does
the test involve a pressure test or just contamination of coolant?
Welcome shun.the.girl...looks like we my be in the same predicament! You turned to the right
group of people for a resolution, by the way rockauto has a tensioner worth the money.
Thanks for the pic's guys....when I find out that procedure, I have some sharing to do also!
By the way , it's a '99 eldo base model that has been deemed in this forum as a " bastard child"
because of it's build date 01/99! that's OK I have also owned a 1984 Silverado know as the
"truck from Hell" and I 'loved' it also
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04-07-14, 09:17 PM
A bad cap seal is certainly a possibility, but being a '99 is not in your favor I am sorry to say. That said, don't write it off until you are sure.
The block test will only test for combustion byproducts in the air above the coolant in the surge tank.

I am surprised you overflowed with the temp at 12:00. If you got enough combustion gases into the cooling system to over pressurize it and vent the pressure, you should have been overheating. I take it this did not happen right after a cold start?

04-08-14, 12:59 PM
Ranger, I believe in the morning (12 hr off time) and evening (9hr off) in a garage would be considered a cold start, however it happens after an 18 mile trip to and from work. I didn't stop to get the block test yet but before I leave Im going to 'pipe clean ' the bypass to make sure that trickle last week could be improved.
Funny thing this morning, it was sprinkling this morning and I pulled the lights on drove for a little while and noticed
no dash lights ,radio or climate lights! Kept my cool thought about it, and figured out that when I pulled the lights on I also turned the panel lights off also. After a sigh of relief I just started chuckling! Me? anxiety, Heavens no!