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04-07-14, 09:16 AM

FOR SALE: $5200 FIRM. 2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6L Sport Package, 6 speed manual, Moonstone paint (Charcoal) on tan/black accents - RARE combo, 136k miles (daily driven 16k highway miles/year), TITLE in hand, NO lien, 2nd owner, garaged, owner for 6 years, car had 32k miles when purchased off lease turn in from Texas. Non-smoker, no rips, tears, stains. 47 photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rschnack/
(Sport pack consists of LSD, factory stainless steel lines with dual piston PBRs)
Options included: Moonroof, Sport Package, Leather
RYAN - 313-549-593O

Car enthusiasts read on - others - look for another car.

CTS-V style black plastic grill
ROTA SVN's 18x9's 30M offset - no rubbing, rolled fenders, 245/45/18 Hankooks
CTS-V FE4 OEM dampers
Hotchkis prog. rate springs (roughly 300-350lbs/sq in., 1.2, 1.4 drop)
Tinted windows (factory look, 15% or 18%, not too dark)
Gloss black roof
Front brakes, Stoptech pads cross drilled and pads

Maintenance needs - I hope the next owner is as meticulous as I am:
Left side lower ball joint or possibly hub - pulls slightly right under hard braking, very early signs of wear.
Coil packs (already have in hand) - causing rough start on fuel fill up, occasional idle stumble at low rpm and high load, CEL is on
Summer tires have 1/32" tread depth (I have been running 245/45/18 Hankook V12 evo's)
Winter tires have 5/32" tread depth (blizzaks are 5 seasons old)
Right rear FE4 shock is leaking oil. Known issue on these shocks. They are available used or just over $100 at Lindsay Cadillac
Headlights lenses are faded
Maybe spark plugs - last changed 75k
Right side turn signal bulb
Fogs don't work - bracket broke
Pass. headlight will get condensation after heavy rains - but drys out.

Common issues fixed:
Flex joints (guibos) have about 30-35k on them, fronts never last more than 50k. So I inspect every oil change. Ok for now. See pics. Now can find used or aftermarket. If you wait too long to change, you'll need to find prop shaft center bearings.
Shifter assembly bushings (wear out so you can't engage reverse) - custom made Energy Suspension poly urethane (replaced 100k)
Timing chains, both primary and secondary (replaced at 50k under warranty, and again at 121k) - you hear chatter/cackle on cold weather start up. I would safely go another 60k miles.
Carrier diff bearing - 121k replaced
Top shock mount bearings

Common issues to be aware:
Oil consumption - normal (but shocking on these 3.6s) up to 2 quarts every 1500-2000mi (I run recommended Mobil one)

Extra parts with car: (thought I would need because the mileage, but haven't needed)
Front wheel bearings
Tie rod ends.
Stock 7 spoke wheels 17x7.5s with worn blizzy's
Extra key
Some Easter Eggs - happy hunting

Maintenance since 100k, most of since 121k (about $5 grand in the last 18 months): Most of the maintenance (excluding suspension/brakes) is done at Don Massey Cadillac since 50k miles:
Timing chains
Water pump
Clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, slave. (I have noticed the clutch pedal engage/spring feels different, to drive smoothly very little of the clutch pedal needs to travel, strange)
Replaced CTS-V dampers
Inner and outer tie rods - OEM
Moog sway endlinks
Diff carrier bearing
Flex joints - New OEM
Battery (6 months old)
Headlight bulbs, 6500 Sylvania

Cosmetics: Exterior is fair to good simply because this is a daily driver. You'll find a 5 inch vertical dent on the passenger side front door from an apparent Jeep Wrangler door exploding into my door.
Scratches, blemishes on rear fascia and tail gate; common "sandblasted" highway mileage front fascia, sealed rock chip on windshield. Pictures pretty much tell the story, check out my Flickr page. In June 2013, my awesome 80 year father in law backed into the driver side in the driveway, consequently Collex in Wayne, repainted the entire passenger side. I had them paint the roof black, and repaint the hood.

Interior is good some normal wear on "touch points" like steering wheel, shift knob, seat bolsters, door handles