: Northstar Loan-A-Tool Program, USA shipping on stud kits

04-04-14, 10:42 AM
Effective May 1/2014, all USA bound stud kit orders will be shipping from New York. This is a 95% sure thing. This will speed up ship times drastically. No more waiting for customs clearance. We will have stock in Canada for our Canadian customers.Overnight shipping will be an option that works, finally. And with reduced cost.

For those do-it-yourself guys who want to have the correct tools to repair a Northstar, without spending an arm and a leg, we are getting the Northstar Loan-A-Tool program set up.

Included in this tool kit will be:

-rear main seal installer tool
-water pump socket
-water pump pulley removal tool
-3 jaw puller for harmonic balancer
-flexplate lock tool
-head alignment collar removal tool (to make a PITA task, painless)
-torque specs and timing setup instructions, along with Northstar removal/reinstall tips
-possibly a few more odds and ends

Full details to follow on our website, soon. I just know that it hardly makes sense to pay $300-$500 for specialty tools that most people will only use once, and tools that generally last a long time.

04-04-14, 02:25 PM
The New York thing is good. I ship electronics equipment back and forth from/to Bryston Electronics, Canada and it goes through Vermont without a hitch. Same for Oracle turntable parts (Montreal) via NY. Almost literally 2-days ground from/to here.