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08-14-05, 10:45 PM
Ok, I was going to get my laundry done today and right there stuck in a parking lot was a BEAUTIFUL 1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E Sedan with 156k miles (about 8k a year, like the Lincoln actually) in baby blue.

The car was in fantastic condition except for a couple of inoperative switches and a broken antenna mast (he had all the new parts to give me). The sunroof and all windows work, as does the A/C, it blows ice cold.

The ONLY ONLY problem I noticed, was that the jacking area under the doors had rust, a bit at each one of those rubber things (but on some 300's that area is plastic?). There was no rust anywhere else and none on the main body of the car. Ive noticed rust in these areas before on other Merc's so Im not sure how serious it is.

The car purred like a kitten and shifted smoothly.

He only wants 3500 for it.

There were already a couple of guys hovering over it and he said a lady was checking on a loan for it as well, so I gave him a little deposit to hold it while I found out more about it and got some advice from someone on it. If I get this I wont be getting the Lincoln.

Everything Im reading about this 300E Series is absolutely great.

08-14-05, 11:26 PM
The w124 is a great car, very reliable and inexpensive to maintain when compared to other MB models of that era with the fancy electronics and hydraulic suspensions. How is the interior? The MB text tends to hold up fairly well, but you can always upgrade to the '94-95 w124 seats if you wanted. Any maintenance records? Has the timing chain been replaced? What about the head gaskets, valve covers, waterpump? If I were you, I would take the time to get a compression test done tomorrow before you shell out $3500 for a 20 year old car. I owned a 1989 300 E (Black/Palomino) and it suffered from leaking valve guides. These cars tend to burn a couple quarts between 3K oil changes, so keep that in mind. Make sure all the window motors/regulators work and that it does not have the infamous turn signal stalk syndrome (all the dash lights flicker when you use the stalk).

Does it have the original Beker radio? If you upgrade, you have to get the entire car rewired from headunit to speakers.

I am a little tired, so I might have forgotten something... hope this helps though.

Take care and goodluck,

08-14-05, 11:43 PM
I just remembered!! DO A CARFAX! These cars were infamous for having the mileage turned back (all MB before 1994), or clusters swapped.

Oh, and the reason to do a compression check is b/c the Engine is the most expensive part in the car... if anything goes wrong with the engine/tranny you might as well kiss that $6,000 you saved from buying the Lincoln goodbye.

Keep us posted!

08-15-05, 12:10 AM
Hmm. A little scary info there but thanks as always!

Frankly this is exactly the kind of car I wanted right now, something with character and luxury but under 5 grand. The Lincoln was an exception because its somewhat rare and has all the luxury features of vehicles costing 10,000.00 more than it does.

I guess I might have to pass on this one then. There were alot of people looking at the car so I dont know if Ill have the ability to have it looked at so thoroughly, it wasnt a dealer, just a guy who ocasionally buys and sells cars who lives in my neighborhood.

I know the car has the original becker radio but it was mint and worked/sounded great, even Cassette just like I like for my ipod connection. The seats/interior looked spectacular, THATS what got my attention. I expected to look inside and see some yucky torn up carpets or a torn up driver's seat or stains but it didnt have any such thing. It smelled like a doctors office inside which was a little weird but it wasnt a bad smell. The sunroof and all the windows were operational (except for the one with the bad switch of course) and the AC blew real cold. The suspension didnt have any unusual bounciness or noise either.

08-15-05, 12:15 AM
I think you might be happy with the Lincoln Ian, and it's a lot newer. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

p.s. I bought tickets yesterday on a restored to original condition 1972 Continental MK IV valued at 17,500 Cdn! What a beautiful car in light yellow, original leather and relatively low mileage at 70K. I think those were the ones Elvis Presley drove....

I couldn't afford gas for that 460!! :( If I win it you can buy it off me. :yup: ;)

08-15-05, 12:17 AM
Wow sounds nice! When you say "bought tickets", you mean like for a Raffle?

I know the Lincoln is newer but I think the Merc is an all around good little car to tool around in for maybe 6 months to a year. Its not like I keep anything longer than that anyway! ;)

08-15-05, 12:32 AM
Wow sounds nice! When you say "bought tickets", you mean like for a Raffle?

I know the Lincoln is newer but I think the Merc is an all around good little car to tool around in for maybe 6 months to a year. Its not like I keep anything longer than that anyway! ;)

Yup, a raffle, here is one of the tickets I bought. What an awsome car!!! I guess I'll know within a week if I won, LOL!! :cloud9:

I couldn't imagine what it gets for mileage... :suspense:

08-15-05, 06:08 AM
$3500 is asking way too much. Knock him down another $500 at least.

08-16-05, 03:54 PM
Did you pass on this? If not and are still thinkig about it...ask him about the timing chain and when it was replaced last. Can be a fairly costly job and damned expensive if it fails.

Check the exhaust as well, if it is the original or second one, it should be due for replacement, Also not a cheap proposition.

I am more familiar with the W126 models, but I believe the 300sel had the same motor as the 300e. The 300sel was too heavy a car for that motor and it tended to be somewhat finicky if it was not rigorously maintained. I have not heard of similar issues in the W124s which is a better match for the motor and bascially is bulletproof if it is maintained correctly.