: Rattle coming from I/P

08-14-05, 08:03 PM
Hello, I have a rattle coming from the right side of my dash coming from an area that seems like the passenger side air bag. I have removed the glove compartment and the A/C vents also the body control module and the rattle still persists it comes and goes some times. It seems as though it is coming from the air bag or just in front of it (behind the dash cover) and there is no way of removing the air bag for inspection with out removing the whole I/P from the carrier. I was wondering if anyone else with an 04/05 SRX has experienced this matter and what was the fix. I took the vehicle to the dealer and naturally the rattle stopped while the service department manager and I rode together so he could hear it. Any response concerning this would be apprieciated.

08-15-05, 09:53 AM
Is it a true rattle or a creak ? I have a lot of creaking in the entire dash...


08-15-05, 09:59 AM
I also have had a rattle in that area since new. Everytime I get a recall I also tell them the rattle is still there. They have adjusted and replaced the glove box lock, they have reattached parts to some black clips that were loose and no longer clipping anything. Still not fixed.

08-15-05, 10:40 AM
The rattle may actually be coming from the right side of the radio/AC center housing. Wife's car had the same thing -- sounded like it was coming from the airbag area. My understanding (after it was fixed) is that there is a bracket in there that has a common tendancy of becoming loose. Take your tech for a drive -- you need someone else to locate it while you drive.

08-16-05, 10:08 PM
Hi Redline, I intended to take a tech for a ride today but the rattle (that is what it is) did not take place until I got near home from work, maybe tomorrow I will try again. I also notice that when I corner the rattle stops. I am leasing this vehicle and I want to maybe keep it. I have seen some of the 2007 SRX offerings and I don't particularly care for them I cannot go into (detail because of my job). I am going to continue to seek assistance from my dealer but if it can't be resolved by the end of the contract I guess I will have to go to another brand within G.M. I really like this car. Thanks for everyones input.