: For your amusement

08-14-05, 03:59 PM
Only a couple weeks after picking up my new SRX, I was having one of those afternoons at work where NOTHING goes right. I was hot, frustrated, and tired. Decided to leave work early, jumped in my SRX, started her up. Then realized I left my sunglasses in my office. Decided to leave the SRX running to cool down since it was 98 degrees outside.

As I got out of the car, it started rolling forward toward a little VW Bug that happened to pull right in front of my spot at that moment. I must have already put the car in drive! Panicked, I jumped back in the car and jabbed my foot toward the brake... and hit the gas. Crash.

Nicely smashed up the right rear fendor of the VW ($1200 damage). Minor scratches and dents to the SRX. Eventually I stopped shouting curses at the world and realized that it was really just minor body damage to both cars -- that's what insurance is for.

But my poor new SRX! Can't wait to get her all shiny and new again....

08-14-05, 04:55 PM
Yea, it is tough for the woman wearing stilletos to find the right pedal! :cool2:

btw, wouldn't the doors have been locked, if the car was in drive? :hmm:

I'm not the insurance adjuster, I'm SURE the VW cut you off & you didn't ahve time to react.