: Need your help buying a car? Please read.

08-14-05, 08:09 AM
I also posted this same message in the RWD Brougham/Deville/Fleetwood forum. Wasn't sure of best location?

Hello everyone. Newbie and soon to be Caddy owner. Great site. Lots of info.

Please help decide which car to buy. Both cars are at new car dealers in my area. BTW(Most new car dealers in my area mark older used cars up from I'd say from 40-60%)

1. 1991 Deville 33K mi, asking $4,990, Maroon/White Leather, Gold Grill, Gold maybe 16in 100 spoke knock offs w.whitewalls. Pictures look flawless.

2. 1986 Fleetwood Brougham, 55K mi, asking $3,995, Silver/Red Interior. Description says car is flawless but no pictures. Also, much longer drive about 50+ miles to dealer.

I like the 86' but the 91 is mint and very low miles.

1. Which car you would buy and why?
2. What would you offer for each vehicle and why?
3. Which vehicle would be overall more reliable?
4. Which vehicle would get overall better gas mileage (real world, not EPA est.)?
5. What should I look/listen for when viewing and test driving?
6. Besides obvious differences in bodystyle, the 91' is FWD and has a fuel injected 4.9 liter and 86' is RWD with carbureted 5 liter(305/307) right?

Maybe one of you who has owned one or both vehicles could give a first hand comparison. Any information would be much appreciated. Going to call and prob. look at the 91' today. Thank you to everyone in advance for your responses and any insight. Looking forward to owning a Caddy soon with your help. I'll try to post any pics I can get a hold of.

08-14-05, 08:39 AM
:highfive: Any help would be much appreciated. Keep em' coming. Thanks again. TTT

08-14-05, 01:05 PM
I'd go with the '91. Don't know much about the Brougham engine but the 4.9 is very reliable, has good power and I would venture to say better fuel economy than a carburated engine, not to mention, newer with fewer miles. I had a '92 (4.9) and it was relatively trouble free for 125K. It (unlike the Northstar) does not have a knock sensor so you are relegated to burning premium (might get away with 89).

08-15-05, 11:07 AM
Both of these cars have amazingly low mileage. A 91 is 14 years old. That works out to something like 2000 miles a year. An 86 is 19 years old, so that works out about the same. Most cars get driven 10000 miles a year, so either the previous owner[s] did VERY little driving, or the car has been off the road for some years. Or someone set the odometer[s] back. A few tactful questions about the car's history might not hurt. I would make sure that either car had valid plates and a current inspection sticker and was driveable (take it for a test drive). A car that has been off the road for a while might not pass the emissions test when you go to get an inspection sticker. Fixing that can be expensive.
The asking prices strike me as a little high (not terribly high) for the age of the cars. Find the on line used car blue book price guides and see what they say. You should be able to bargain down to blue book prices. If the blue books don't go back that far (most blue books only go back seven years) use the closest price and do some extrapolating.
On inspection, check that all the gadgets work (power setas, windows, antenna, trunk, door locks, radio, A/C etc etc). Caddy's have lots of gadgets and fixing broken ones can be expensive. Check the oil. Start the car. Should start easily and idle smoothly. Open the radiator cap and look for bubbles rising in the coolant, bubbles are a sign of failed head gasket letting combustion gases into the water jacket. That's expensive. Replace radiator cap and take it for a drive. Beat it up a little, full throttle acceleration, a panic stop, take a tight corner as fast as you dare. Pay attention to the feel of the tranny. It should change gears smoothly.
I'd go to the trouble of looking at both cars. The front wheel drive makes a better snow car if you live in snow country. I have a 99 deVille that is plenty big enough for my wants. I think the broughams are even bigger than the deVilles, but you want to look.
In deciding between the two cars it's pretty much even stephan from what I know. They are both very very low mileage, but older cars. Price isn't all that much different, and you may be able to bargain one or the other or both down. Was it me, I'd buy the one that appealed to me more, assuming I didn't find anything wrong with it.

David Starr