: dumbest thing ive ever heard! a little help too please

11-17-03, 03:02 PM
alright, im comming back from best buy with my girlfriend, and she's driving her parents mini van. we pull up to a stop light and the tempgauge is getting WAY up there, so we pull over reall fast, i get out and open the hood to let it cool off. about 1 minute later i turn the car ON (not started) just to see what the temp gauge is at, oddly enough its right in the middle. so im thinking ok..........maybe just a fluke. check the overflow tank and its almost bone dry though. so i close it and we keep going with the intention of stoping at the next gas station.

its in the middle, about 3 minutes later it starts rising super fast again, we let it get about 3/4 off the way there, stop and wait for 10 minutes, again goes down to 1/2. we start going again, this time make it to a wallgreens at 3/4 temp. so i go in, fill up a 20oz bottle with water 2 times and put it in the overflow. now we start going again, and for the next 30 minutes it never goes above 1/2

so im thinking, must have been a sensor in the overflow tank causing this?? to drop and rise so fast, it must have just been starved of coolant in the tank, but when we stopped some coolant came in there and gave it the correct reading?? any ideas?

anyways, we get to her parents and she tells her dad, he's a real stubborn/ignorant type that thinks he knows stuff, but doesn't know shit. he said " you put water in it, you might have cracked the block!" i was like what....? i was going to say somthing, but my gf squeezed my arm. first, i added it to a plastic overflow tank, and even if i could somehow put it straight into the engine, it wouldn't do anything. don't they cool race cars by just throwning ice bags on them?? later she was like "never tell him he's wrong, never, its not worth it"

i think this was soo freaking dumb of him, how could it crack the block???? he thought cold water + hot engine is how. i know about water freezing and expanding could do it, but its not going to freeze in a running engine, besides it mixed with the coolant in there just dilluting it. but when we got to her house we added pure coolant to the tank to balance it out.

sorry for the long post!

11-17-03, 03:12 PM
most of the time it is near impossible to blow the block by adding cool water to the overflow , the water would leave the overflow and head to just under the radiator cap (on most cars) and mix witht he hot water or the hot raditaor and warm the water up to the point that it wouldnt even harm the engine ....

basicly it makes a 4 foot trip mixed with warm water and warm parts before it hits the thermostat houseing ....

now if you spray the side of a overheated alumin block with water that is 33 deg farenhieght it might be possible

hes bustin your chops cuz you going with his daughter , dont go anywhere is his rides anymore , take your gurl out in your ride

Night Wolf
11-17-03, 03:33 PM
well, if it is in the winter, and it gets below freezing at night, and you put water in there, and there is little or no coolent left, the water get's in the block and freezes, it COULD crank the block and cause other problems.....

....but for what you were tlaking about, you did the right thing, if that is the only thing you have, then it is either that, get towed, or overheat the enigne....

I woudln't make a big deal of it unless it is in the winter, if it is, then if you have a cell phone, call someone, walk, or hitch a ride to the nearest auto store/gas station and get some coolent, otherwise the water is fine....

11-17-03, 05:09 PM
thanks for the quick response, didn't remember that the overflow goes to the radiator first, its a 96 chrysler minivan (not sure on the year).

honestly don't think he's just busting my chops, he really is the type that doesn't know anything but just BS's to sound like he does. he was telling me once that he was going to take apart his directv reciever and get the schematics so he could "re-wire" the circuitry to get free movies.....but thats a whole different story, and i have plenty more like that!

i know pure water would freeze overnight, possibly cracking the block depending on how fast it froze. but all this did is really just change the 50/50 ratio to maybe 65water/35 antifreeze. then i added more antifreeze when we got to her house to make it 50/50 agian.

i know what your saying about not using there cars...but we were picking up some chairs, and they wouldn't have fit in my car. but, about 9 months ago we were driving in HER sunfire, going up a hill and the SES light came on, she told her dad when she got home and he SNAPPED saying you must have done SOMTHING else, blah blah blah. doesn't realize that stuff will break i guess, SES light still comes on when going up hills, goes off later.....

11-17-03, 10:55 PM
You need to understand that it's a genetic issue that you're dealing with here.....The guy was born with way too few brain cells and a mouth that's always running. You need to sympathize with him and feel his pain as though it were your own and.......Ah, Screw it he's an idiot!

11-18-03, 12:53 AM
I think he should be happy that you had enough concern to add water, because think of what could have happened if you didn't! ;)

11-18-03, 10:46 AM
Get away from that girl. This won't be the last time you'll have to deal with him.