: Fingers Crossed, getting 1998 Mark VIII CE...

08-13-05, 01:44 PM
I was just lucky enough to track down a 1998 Mark VIII Collectors Edition in Pearl White with just 38000 miles on it for 9500.00 at a high end dealership. I called my dealer buddy and everything should be in order for Monday. So well keep our fingers crossed and see knock on wood, dont want to jinx it just yet because even though we negotiated on price, the dealership policy is absolutely no holds or deposits on vehicles.



08-13-05, 01:57 PM
Very nice car, and it looks to be well taken care of (from available pics). Keep in mind while bargaining that wholesale value of that car in "clean condition" (assuming no 7 year old car is in perfect showroom condition) and loaded with all the goodies is around $7200. Person-to-person sale value is $8600, and high retail is $10,500. Thw low mileage helps the value, and makes it a great find. Good luck, drive a hard bargain, and keep us posted! :thumbsup:

08-13-05, 01:59 PM
HOLY CRAP, THAT is identical to my former car, before my '03 Town Car !!!!
Only my interior was the 2-tone light & medium Tan. I have 100% of the production info on them. E-Mail me your VIN # and I'll tell you all about it. 1,326 were made. YOUR number is on the driver's side door post on a gold label. They were split 50/50 in paint color. 663 in Pearl White and 663 in Metallic Red Firemist. of the 663 in each 1/2 or 332 had the 2-tone Light & Medium Tan interior and 662 had the Light & Medium Graphite interior. I had a very late one. My # was 1298, or 27th from the last one.
I loved it but had a lot of trouble with it, almost every 6 weeks it was in for something. Major problem is the air conditioning blend door which breaks, killing your air conditioning. It costs $600 to fix it. Buy the X-tended warrantee. Brake rotors last 3 to4 thousand miles and then the entire car ViBrAteS everytime you apply the brakes. On the driver's door panel is a gold script that says Collector's~Edition ... it wears off in 1 year. If your car still has it, cover it with clear one sided sticky plastic. Your arm's body moisture will wear it off. The headlights (HIDs) blow out every 16 months & cost $200 a bulb. Buy a warrantee. The tranny & engine are strong as heII and the LEDs in the taillamps blow out. The center section. Buy an X-tended warranteee. There was a recall about driver's seat ripping out of the floorpan. It was listed on NADA recalls. Put car on lift to see if the seat bolts have been reinforced from underneath. If not....have recall done.

That's about all. They are fast as all heck, and with new roters, have braking to equal the power.

BY THE WAY, the wheels are all on backwards. They are UNIdirectional .... have the dealer swap sides & put them on correctly. Right now, they are all on backwards...

BY THE WAY the lights/bulbs and blend door were all sub contracted to a JAPANESE company !!!!!!!! Non American parts!!

08-13-05, 02:18 PM
Thanks for the info Sandy. I noticed your name came up while I was surfing info at MarkVIII.org hehe.

One thing I noticed about the Collectors Series which I like alot besides the wood steering wheel, is that all the wood inlays are GLOSS finished. One of my biggest complaints about the plain LSC is the wood is some kind of dull plasticky looking material that doesnt look authentic at all. It seems from the pictures Ive seen of the collectors edition it is actually glossy wood. The other thing I always get excited about is the Cassette Deck. To me a Cassette Deck in a luxury car is nothing short of a miracle, it means I can plug my Ipod into it!

Rolex, thanks for the heads up on the Value. Im actually aware of the fact that the book values are real low on this guy, but you wouldnt believe it to go searching them out on ebay and AutoTrader? I offered a guy on ebay 9000.00 for a black LSC with 44000 miles and they DIDNT TAKE my offer (it was a Lexus dealer). They said due to overwhelming interest they wanted to let it ride since it was already at 8100 with 4 days left.

These Mark's are flying like hotcakes right now I guess mainly because banks and financers are about to stop financing 98's in a few weeks and this is about the best deal under 10k going right now!

08-13-05, 02:34 PM
'Ya, I was Chairman of the Board & intitial member #9 at www.markViii.org. I quit because of a group who joined and was dedicated to overthrow which they more or less accomplished. I was set up to make it look like I did something that I didn't do, when actually one of them did it. Lincoln owners who use the 'web to share commoradery over their cars tend to be not thesame calibre of folk that Cadillac or Lexus people are. So, I quit amongest a furer and all, and came here, which was the best thing I ever computer-did.

Good luck with the Mark. It's important to find a great dealer. Here is my suggestion. Go to your closest dealer to your home. Meet the Service Manager. Tell him what you purchased and tell him that you'd like to make his dealership your home for service, and ask him, point blank "Will you work with & for me" !!! ?? Buy any extended warrantee available. The few things that do go bad on them are EXPENSIVE !! You NEED a good dealer !

Yes, the polished wood is real! BTW, I left the Mark 8 board on June 28th 2004. Were you surprised to "see" me there ???

08-13-05, 02:53 PM
Heh, yes I was. I didnt see any of your posts, but I did see the authentic "Sandy submitted" informational items like the build color specs and etc. Really neat compilation of info as usual.

Heres one thing I was surprised you didnt mention. The air suspension... Did you not have any trouble with yours ever? I know my 96 Continental had 86k on it when I bought it and shortly therafter the air springs went and luckily (as you mentioned) it had a warranty which I used straight away. I would imagine at almost 10 years old those bags are probably starting to suffer a bit, though it is a southern car.

So far here are the differences I gleamed between the plain LSC and the CE

295hp vs. 290hp (Not sure if thats true, saw it somewhere else)

Two-tone seat inlays

Wood steering wheel and shifter

Collectors Edition Badging in Gold and Gold emblems

Genuine wood appliques in place of the regular material on the LSC

Numbered Serial Plaque on each one.

Any idea what the MSRP of the CE was at introduction?

Seems 1998 was a very special year for at least two limited production final edition vehicles. The Mark VIII LSC CE and the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. Now if only I could track down a Grand Wagoneer Final Edition... hehe

08-13-05, 03:07 PM
Congrats! Awesome car. The CE is the best one you can find in the Gen2's. I am sure you are going to love it.

08-13-05, 03:08 PM
Correct on all counts except for the horsepower. It was the same as on the LSC Model. The "Collector's Edition" was NOT a model, but rather an option ON the LSC model. It was strictly an appearance option.

The Air Bag rear suspension was NOT a problem on these cars. Travel without worry on that feature.

If not mistaken you can find pricing on the site. I recall doing it...
http://www.mark8.org is what ya want!!



08-13-05, 03:14 PM
Playdrv, that's a nice ride and I see you did go with it over the Q45. I hope all goes well for you. So remember to let us know what happens.

08-13-05, 08:29 PM
love the mark's i hope u can enjoy the rwd

08-13-05, 08:42 PM
That's a beautiful "showcar" with that kind of mileage!!! :sneaky: :D

Very nice!!! I hope it won't be sitting outside......

Take good care of it!!

08-13-05, 09:04 PM
Congrats, looks great. I did not know they still brought that kind of money!

08-13-05, 11:32 PM
He got a good deal! Here in Jersey C.E.s are few & far between. Exceptional examples are bringing $ 11,000 !! I sold mine in March of 2003 for $20,000, in 2 days.

08-14-05, 12:00 AM
I think the dealer who is selling it got a great deal as well, considering they probably have $6-7K in it... but the car will sell for what the market will pay and after doing some research, it seems the market is high for these vehicles. I hope all goes well for Monday.

08-14-05, 12:04 AM
Me too :( I didnt realize the dealership closed at 6 and I wanted to call before they closed to get reassurance it was still there. Now ill have to go the rest of the weekend wondering...

Ill tell you what, I probably could have offered 8500 and they probably would have taken it. There was absolutely not even a flinch when I said 9500, but I just didnt want to take the chance of losing it by throwing out a lowball offer and having someone in the know tell me they had other people wanting it or some other B.S. I think when your under 10k its probably smart to just be happy with wherever the ball happens to land unless you know all the details or its something undesirable etc. Not physically being there and the fact that it was a corporate suit dealership hurt me as well. I offered to put the entire sale price as a deposit on my card and like some sort of customer service response... "Oh I wish I could do that but sorry we dont take credit cards".

Imagine the look on my face when for the first time EVER, I WANTED!!! TO put a deposit down and the dealer tells ME NO! Usually the dealers try to wiggle a deposit out of ME!

Im just going to resign myself to the fact it's probably sold so I wont have such a big let down on Monday if it is.

I wonder if the Eldorado Collector's Series is getting as much attention?

08-14-05, 12:40 AM
Look at that interior... its gorgeous. I place alot of weight on the condition of Driver's seats and the bolsters on the Lincoln seats really show wear after only a little use, much like GM truck seats. But this passengers seat is flawless, and the Driver's looks to be a 9 of 10. Sandy noted the thing about the Collectors Edition emblem wearing off and the pictures are pretty bad but I would imagine its probably gone, at least on the Driver side. But maybe not.



IMO, theres about three things this car lacks that would make it perfect.

1. Electroluminescent Gauges, the 96 Connie had them so I dont see why the Mark didnt get them

2. Steering wheel radio controls, something Lincoln and Ford were VERY LATE to get on the bandwagon with, then it seems when Lincoln finally got them they were just a cobbled together mess of tiny buttons. Finally in the last generation of Lincoln and Ford products they redesigned them nicely.

3. A Navigation system. BUT, with the Double DIN opening for the radio, and the easy interoperability of the factory JBL amp its easy to put a modern full size one in there.

Sandy, were those manual or power headrests?

08-14-05, 10:06 AM
Manual Headrests, **BUT** you are gonna fall head over heels in love with tthe "memory" power seat AND the memory power tilt & telescopic steering wheel !! Open door to exit and the steering wheel sucks itself in toward the dash and up toward the windshield, as the driver's bucket seat goes all the way back. Get in, shut door, and watch the magic ! The Lincoln leather has always been top notch. The Ash Tray. They break in these & it's the MOST expensive of all to fix. You just about need a new center console! If you smoke, leave it open all the time. If you do not smoke, leave it closed, and never use it ! 50% of them are broken. CheapO plastic and the opening mechanism snaps or breaks. Sit in the driver's seat with your spine against the seat's backrest. Push backward against the backrest cushion of the seat. Do you feel the seat's cushion (the part UNDER your knees) slightly "lift" as though the front of the chair is slightly lifting?? A slight "rocking" effect ?? If so, you NEED the recall!! Do it ~ before IT does You!!
The two front bolts on the seat's bottom part, where your @$$ and legs are, tend to pull out of the floor pan, and "mushroom" the hole. It happened on my prestine low mileage babied example, as well as many others. Has been noted on the 'Web and on NHTSA. Put up on lift and see IF it has allready been done ! The stereos static horribly on AM band. There a recall for this, where they put a spyder bracket inside the front wheels. It improves it, but only like 20% no miracle are they. Read all you can & look at pics over at www.mark8.org Especially read warnings & cautions.
Good Luck.

PS:- Go here:
and scan down to the 6th picture to see mine (Now sold to Dave Edwards)
and read about it & see the photos, of the custom Dash I did.

READ ALL OF THIS. IT'S GOSPEL >>http://mark8.org/lod/alerts.htm

08-14-05, 11:54 AM
car looks great put with all recalls and potential parts that break seems to be more of a headache than an envestment to me my opionon lincolns suck had the mark VII and nothing but problems get a caddy:mad2:

08-15-05, 06:16 AM
The ADP feature in the 97+ Mark VIII makes the car perfect. The Q45 along with the Jaguar XJ offer automatic drive positioning, and once you have it, you feel crippled without.

Right now I'm driving a friend's opalescent white 93 Mark VIII around town, and I love it.

08-15-05, 06:59 AM
Fine looking car. Very stylish. QWhich model is it based on?

08-15-05, 09:58 AM
Ford Thunderbird. And this was absolutely one of the few times where I think a platform was shared without making it overtly obvious to the public, I didnt know til a couple of years ago in fact that this was even the case.

08-15-05, 10:27 AM
I thought it may have been a two door town car or a tow door continental, bonus with the T-Bird that was meant to be a coupe. Looks good too. Not meaning to sound dumb but how big is it? I mean, what cars that i might recognise or even better have seen, is it the same size as? It looks quite big.....

Did you find out if the dealer still has it?

08-15-05, 12:11 PM
It's like the size of the current Monte Carlo

08-15-05, 12:13 PM
It's like the size of the current Monte Carlo

Thats quite large then, i have seen one of those imported to the UK, not a small car by any stretch.

08-16-05, 11:12 AM
Well, the dealer sold the Collectors Edition one I was looking at, but immediately after they sold it I got a call from a dealer MUCH closer to me in New York who has the same car albeit not in a CE version with 5000 less miles and Im negotiating them to 9k on it.

Theres also a green one in very good condition in houston for 7500 with 64k miles.

08-16-05, 11:15 AM
Well, the dealer sold the Collectors Edition one I was looking at, but immediately after they sold it I got a call from a dealer MUCH closer to me in New York who has the same car albeit not in a CE version with 5000 less miles and Im negotiating them to 9k on it.

Theres also a green one in very good condition in houston for 7500 with 64k miles.
the New York one sounds good. Its a shame about the CE that was nice

08-16-05, 11:53 AM
Guess what. The 740 just reappeared as well... the guy didnt end up private selling it after all! Decisions decisions.

08-16-05, 11:54 AM
Keep us posted. Goodluck!

08-16-05, 01:05 PM
Guess what. The 740 just reappeared as well... the guy didnt end up private selling it after all! Decisions decisions.

Damn, pick a car and stick with it...lol :highfive:

08-16-05, 02:08 PM
I'm sorry you lost the CE. Patience. Look for another one. They also came in Burgundy Red Metallic.

08-16-05, 02:47 PM
Yea I was pretty bummed out about that. I like the other one but now that I know the CE's are out there Im not so jazzed about it anymore.

I might buy the 740 and resell it for a little profit, then look for another CE.

08-16-05, 02:59 PM
740 vs. CE... 740 hands down my friend :cool:

08-16-05, 04:46 PM
Playdrv: Too bad you didn't get the CE you wanted but the one in New York sounds nice. Keep us posted on whether you choose the Mark VIII or the 740.

08-16-05, 05:57 PM
I will guys, keep in mind both cars have a different purpose. The 740 is one of my favorite sedans of all time, I dont mind paying more for it, but I dont want to go broke. The Lincoln fulfills my needs for luxury well, but at a mcdonalds price. so I just have to decide whats best for my budget and wants.

08-16-05, 06:14 PM
I will guys, keep in mind both cars have a different purpose. The 740 is one of my favorite sedans of all time, I dont mind paying more for it, but I dont want to go broke. The Lincoln fulfills my needs for luxury well, but at a mcdonalds price. so I just have to decide whats best for my budget and wants.

You just need to win the lottery and buy a high end car dealership. A new car everyday, never drive the same car twice. :devil: ;) :alchi:

08-16-05, 09:47 PM
Hehe... yes that would be the perfect solution!