: My first GM and itís an STS!

11-17-03, 11:59 AM
Hello everyone,

Iím psyched about my STS. I hope it was a good choice for my first GM car. It is a white 94 STS with 64k miles. Iím not sure what options it might have as I donít have the window sicker. Is there somewhere I can get a list of options or a copy of the sticker?

Iím the third owner. The first owners were my brother-in-laws parents. They took meticulous care of it, performed every scheduled maintenance service and saved every receipt. The interior is in perfect condition and the exterior doesnít have any dings or scrapes. They gave it to my sister and brother-in-law a few years ago when they bought a new STS. They all live in Nebraska but spend every winter in Arizona so the car has never been driven in snow.

I picked it up and drove back to Chicago over the weekend and it was a great trip. The car was very stable on the highway and has all the power I need. Itís a little stiff over bumps but I prefer that to floating. Iíve been driving a 2.3L Ranger since í96 and was going to replace it with a Marauder next summer. But when my sister told me she was selling the STS I had to have it. I really liked the look of the car when it got updated in Ď92. Even though it is older, I think it looks nicer than the Marauder and itís just as fast if not faster. Plus it was a fraction of the cost of the Marauder. I know Iíll be making more repairs than with a new car but I wonít be taking the huge depreciation hit.

I look forward to participating in the forums and learning more about Cadillacís. Iím sure you will all be a big help when I need to fix things. The engine doesnít look easy to work on but Iím always willing to give it a shot. Iíve collected a lot of knowledge and tools while restoring my Ď70 Mustang. If youíre into vintage Mustangs, visit www.vintage-mustang.com. It is a nice forum with a good group of people.


P.S. If youíre interested, hereís a little history on the cars Iíve owned.

1983 Ė My parents bought me my first car when I turned 16. It was an orange í76 Gremlin with a strait six. The car was ugly, unreliable and had terrible handling but it was free so I gladly took it. It beat riding the 10-speed.

1984 Ė I sold the Gremlin and bought a 75 Gran Torino in metallic blue. It had a 351W and decent acceleration. I loved that car. I reluctantly sold it to my brother when I went to college because I needed the money.

1987 Ė After two years with no wheels I bought a 1980 Mustang with a 4-banger. I actually bought a í79 Mustang pace car with a 302 just before this one but it sprang a massive oil leak and lost pressure on the way home. The guy I bought it from gave me my money back and I later found the í80. I regret that a bit now. The pace car was the first Mustang I looked at and I didnít realize how much they cost. I bought the pace car for $1200 and ended up paying $2000 for the 4-banger. I could have fixed the pace car for $600 and had a much better car. Oh well.

1989 Ė As soon as I graduated from college I went shopping for a new car. The 2.3L Mustang was just too darn slow for me. I bought an í89 T-bird SC. That car was great! The 3.8L supercharged engine had fantastic torque and could really accelerate. It wasnít too great in the snow though, with rear wheel drive, traction lock and Goodyear Eagle VR tires. I remember sitting at a light in Peoria one winter. I was stopped on a patch of packed snow and the car just started sliding right of the road. But it was a lot of fun on dry pavement.

1992 Ė I burned through the T-bird pretty quickly driving 50 miles each way to work. I replaced it with a Dodge Daytona with a 3.0L V6. That car had a nice reliable engine but the transmission stank. The transmission went out at 70K miles and when it started slipping again I sold it. It was replaced with the í96 Ranger that has been rock solid and now has 125k miles.

2001 Ė Iíve always loved the original Mustangs so I picked up a í70 hardtop with a 302 and C4 automatic during a three-year stint working in North Carolina. The car had spent its whole life in the piedmont area of NC. Not to close to the ocean (salt) and not too close to the mountains (snow), so it has very little rust. Itís a long-term project. I recently picked up a 351 Cleveland 4V that Iím going to drop in it. It will have an easy 350 net hp when Iím done with it.

My wife and I have also owned a í90 Lebaron and a í95 Cougar. She is currently driving a í00 Solara SLE. The Solara is a nice car to drive. It handles, its quick and the engines extremely smooth.

11-17-03, 12:30 PM
WELCOME to the forums
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STS is a great car for your first GM. That's great that you have all of the history about the car that will come in handy down the road when the miles rack up. The mileage now is real low for the year. Glad to see that your happy