: Deville engine swaps and differences

03-29-14, 07:43 PM
Have a 2000 Deville used engine with with a 9 vin number that I want to put in a 2001 Deville made for a motor with a Y vin number. My question is will this motor work with this car and it's computer with no problems or major modifications?

03-29-14, 08:33 PM
No, at least not like it's supposed to. The engine, PCM and transmission final drive ratio are all mated together.

The only Deville made for a VIN 9 is the DTS. Is that what you are talking about? The base Deville and the DHS use the VIN Y. Stick with the proper engine.

03-30-14, 08:28 AM
The two engines use different cams, different powertrain calibrations (different PCMs), and different final drive ratios. The swap MIGHT work, but there will be all sorts of nagging problems.

Please read the Northstar engine interchange thread in the stickys just above this thread.

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03-30-14, 11:53 AM
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