: Water pump won't break

03-28-14, 12:12 PM
I have tried everything to remove water..the took keeps slipping off when I try to turn it clockwise. Any suggestion on how to get it off?

03-28-14, 12:23 PM
Take a look at the tool you are using and see if the corners are rounded off already.
It took me holding the socket/breaker bar in(pushing in as hard as I could) and a helper yanking on the breaker bar with cheater pipe.

03-28-14, 01:09 PM
The better (???) Northstar water pump sockets have a strap that bolts over the top of the socket - it is the perfect substitute for someone applying considerable side (straight in - that sounds weird) force to hold the socket in place.

03-28-14, 01:27 PM
Where do I get the cover for the tool? If it don't work can it be broken off?

03-28-14, 02:19 PM
It's going to be harder to find the hold down than a socket WITH the hold down.

That said, you'll have far better luck with a few short bursts from an impact gun than you will with increasing torque.

03-28-14, 03:56 PM
When you say burst does that mean I need a different tool? This is my first time doing this and I learned from videos and documents. I have everything off but can't get the pump to come off. I'm turning it, well trying to turn it clockwise. Should I try the other direction towards the fans? I really need help...

03-28-14, 08:58 PM
I mean use an impact wrench. By bursts I mean a few short trigger pulls. braaap braaap. Haven't you ever fired a machine gun? :)

03-29-14, 10:23 PM
No I have never worked on cars this my first time...but I finally got it off. But it's still running hot..

03-29-14, 11:01 PM
Please update your profile or put in orig post next time what year and model.
What temp is it running, time to look through check purge line and stickies in the forum about running temps and overheating.

03-30-14, 11:51 AM

Updating your profile to show your year and model would help us a lot in helping you.

03-31-14, 08:24 AM
It's a 97 Cadillac Seville SLS..once I filled the car back up and let it run, it stayed in the middle so I drove it. It started moving toward the red. As I got closer to my home it move up from the red just a little..I don't know what's wrong..

03-31-14, 10:14 AM
What's your approximate location ? Your post times say you're in England - London - GMT. I fixed your car ID.

Get into Discussions, Item Specific: Cadillac Tech Tips and search for threads on "purge line". Also read the several sticky posts in Engines, Northstar concerning the cooling system, gauge operation and cooling fan operation.

You need to know how it all works or you're lost - We'll turn you into a gearhead yet ............... :rolleyes: