: Please help..engine coolant ?....

little tx
11-16-03, 09:59 PM
please help me on this..i have a 1995 cadi seville it has the northstar motor, i went to work tonight and when i left i had to stop somewere else and there was a big puddle under the car of water and coolant. I started it up and the message read check coolant. I did and it needed water i put some coolant in it and started on my way home and got a mile up the road and the temp read 250 so i stopped and turned off and let it sit. Got back in and tryed to get home and it was hot and i got home and shut it off. Went back out and checked it and there was coolant still in it. This has never happend to me before. I do know there is no flow comeing through the hose. Does this sound like the thermostat sticking? Or something else? Please respond asap. I need this car for work. Please let me know what i may be looking at. I am a woman and i dont want to take it in and get ripped at least what yall tell me i will kind of know what to except. thanks a bunch! Were is the thermostat located on this thing? i am just sick over this.

11-16-03, 11:37 PM
It could be minor or it could be major. One of the first things you should do is have a test done to see if it has a blown head gasket.
Take it in and have a test done for combustion leak test. It is an easy test and should cost less than $50. Probably more like $25.
If that is positive you have a blown head gasket and it is major. If it's negative start having things like the thermostat checked.

What happened with the oil leak you asked about a while ago?

11-16-03, 11:42 PM
This link gives an explanation of the test.

Teh thermostat is on the drivers side front of the engine. The shorter hose goes to the thermostat housing.

11-17-03, 12:06 AM
Could be many things, wat the coolant running out of the overflow hose at the resivor(passenger side of the engine compartment)?

If so it could be the thermostat or the water pump. I was driving my wife's 96 aurora when her water pump belt broke which caused overheating and some coolant to flow out of the overflow. I have also heard that pumps can fail and leak coolant.

The pump, belt and thermostat are on the driver side front of the engine. There is a metal guard protecting the belt, it is easy to get off to inspect the belt and pump.

The nice thing is, is that it is highly unlikely that you damage the engine by overheating it due to the limp home feature. You should change the oil when the problem is fixed - however.

Good luck

little tx
11-17-03, 08:06 AM
you asked me what happend with the oil leak..well i just kept oil in it and when i went to get the next oil change done i had them to look again and they said that it only looks like the oil pan was leaking a seal so he tightend the bolts on the oil pan and i have went almost 2,000 miles so far and havent had to add any oil as of yet it stays full..so that mad me happy..i have checked my oil and it is ok no water in it..and i do remember the fans running. so if it were a head gag. wouldnt the water be milky? i did mash on the rad. hose while it was running and no water flow was going through it . when i got home and checked the water there was some in there. usually when your car gets hot you can go on the highway and it cools but not mine...it kept telling me to shut off engine and the dinging noise so i would get to a hill and put it in nutral and shut off the engine and coast and then came upon another hill and started it and got to the top and done the same thing etc. They were small hills.. i mean this was just all of a sudden...never had a problem i ran the air cond. on high all throught he summer and it gets hot here in tx. i know i am a woman but i know some things about a vehical....ive been on my own for so long and i had to do the oil checking and water etc. on my own and learned how cause dont have anyone else to do it! i just cant understand why all of a sudden? im gona call the dealership today and get it in. ill haft to drive it its about 8 miles from me. i hope its nothing bad....thanks!

11-17-03, 11:31 AM
Glad the oil was something easy!

On a Northstar you don't get water in the oil unless the head is ready to fall off.
The oil passages are not near the cylinders.

get the combustion test or a compression test done to save you a lot of time and trouble just in case.

little tx
11-17-03, 09:26 PM
ok i put the car in the shop today...wont find out till tomorrow..hope its good news? thanks for all yalls info you gave me..

little tx
11-18-03, 08:17 PM
wanted to give yall the update on my car...the dealership called me this morning and told me that my water pump belt had broke and they put another one on it and it cost 65.00..boy was i happy ..drove it home and its doing great on water temp. now i take it in friday for the 100,000 mile tune up..will cost 450.00 ...thats fine they said that they change the wires and plugs and fuel filter needs to be done i have 112,000 miles on it now and its begining to surge so its time for plugs and wires anyways..

11-18-03, 11:21 PM
You are really lucky!!!