: New business pratices and standards coming into effect Apr 15/2014

03-27-14, 10:50 AM
I will keep this short for now, we are swamped in the shop so I've gotta focus on work.

A code of ethics is being written between Evrett and myself that we intend to live by. While I have done everything in my power to always do my best for my customers we have fallen short on ship times in the past. The most recent being the hard winter we've endured and lack of finances (long story). We are debt free so that part is good.

Winter is over, and we have material stock again. Monday or Tuesday all orders should be shipped.

My pride takes a hit being this honest with everyone. That times have been hard. I hate to admit that. But I hope by now I've proven I'm here to stay and help Northstar owners as best as I can.

Northstar owners have put their trust in my company and I want to deliver as promised.

One of the points in the code of ethics will be accurate and honest ship times. Everyone who has had patience always get what is ordered, but not everyone has time to wait. So that has been priority 1, making sure we have stock.

I will post the code of ethics here and on our website soon. I will be working all night again. A giant bulldozer came two days ago to clean up the mess of snow on the property here and now it's catch up time.

Thank you again CadillacForums and those who have stood by us. We will deliver quality solutions and we will do it faster.