: Changing air pressure sensor to new wheel?

08-10-05, 06:50 PM
I bought a set of used rims(without sensors) to use for snow tires but now I need to use one as a replacement for one that I ruined on the car. How does the sensor get removed and installed on the new rim?

08-11-05, 07:12 AM
Unscrew the air valve "nut", sensor then gets pushed off rim towards inside. To install should use new bushing on stem...


08-11-05, 12:32 PM
As Syrob says. Don't forget to calibrate, per owners manual, if you are changing wheel location.

08-11-05, 04:31 PM
I copied the following out of the GM Techlink site some time ago thinking I might need it someday. Have not needed it but hope it can assist you. It may be for the 04 only????? The paste screwed up the table which included various GM models. Deleted all but the SRX

Two types of Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) systems are presently in use.

The direct type uses a pressure sensor/transmitter mounted in each wheel. When an out of specification tire pressure is detected, the driver is notified. On some vehicles, the actual tire pressure (either too high or too low) and tire location can be displayed. On others, only the fact that a tire is low is indicated.

When the pressure in the affected tire is set to specification on some vehicles, the CHECK TIRE PRESSURE and/or XX TIRE HIGH/LOW display is canceled within 20 seconds of the pressure adjustment. On other vehicles, the DIC displays can take up to 20 minutes to cancel, or will cancel when the vehicle speed is 20 mph (32 km/h) or greater.

When tires are rotated, the direct system requires a learn procedure to identify the new location of each pressure sensor. Refer to SI for details.

The indirect type compares tire rotational speeds using the ABS wheel speed sensors. A tire whose pressure is low rotates faster than the others. The indirect system notifies the driver by illuminating a low tire pressure notification, but does not indicate which tire is low.

After the pressure in the affected tire is corrected, the indirect system requires a reset procedure, which varies from vehicle to vehicle. Refer to the accompanying table and SI for details.

TIP: Various reset methods include: using the RDS radio display, using the Tech 2, using the Driver Information Center, using a specific switch in the fuse panel, or turning the parking lamps on and off three times within five seconds. These are explained in the owner’s manual and in SI.

TIP: After resetting, the TPM system requires up to 30 minutes of straight line driving in each of three speed ranges to complete the calibration process and have full tire pressure detection capabilities.
Refer to SI for specific information.

- Thanks to John Spidle and Scott Bower
Cadillac SRX

System Type: direct (RF

Model Year: 04

Procedure Type: Learn

Procedure Summary: Keyless entry transmitter Lock-Unlock/Pressure delta,
or J-46079