: Car show at my school or somethin' on Sep.11

08-10-05, 01:37 AM
Figured I'd throw this in here and see if anyone cared..hehe. Well my school (UTI) is hosting a car show in their big parking lot. I was thinking about going, but really haven't decided yet. It's located in Exton, PA. Most of the cars there, will probably be soem of the various car's that the teachers own like a 10second '69 Camaro, and a Custom Willy's "street legal" drag car with a blown 502. The school's Methanol burning, blown, 396ci T-Bucket will also be there as well. Having heard what it sounds like in person (it was actually on the Dyno at the time) I can tell you it won't dissapoint. Anyway, I just figured that if anyone in the Chester County area in PA (or anywhere for that matter) wanted to stop by, I would be there. There's actually a few new students here as well with various year/model Caddy's who also might be attending. If anyone wants to come, just head on over. There will probably be food too (like hamburgers and hot dogs and what not) as well.

08-23-05, 09:17 PM
If i've got the car up here by then, and nothing else is going on at home, maybe i'll show up and sleep on your floor.

If you can convince a certain owner of a 95 concours, perhaps it could be an interesting road trip.

Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

08-24-05, 12:41 AM
WHAT"S GOIN ON!!!! Yeah, I'll talk to Ed and see what he says..hehe.

09-05-05, 01:33 AM
hey man i heard about that car show. I've enrolled into UTI and i am hittin it up october and got something in the mail saying that there was a car show that day but when does it start? also even though this is a cadillac site i'm def going to have to get some of my nissan maxima people to show up since i'm a maxima owner. yo is there an entrance fee of like 5 bucks or something?

09-06-05, 03:40 AM
Hey man what's goin on! I think the show starts around 10:00am if I'm not mistaken. From what the flyers that have been posted in the hallways said, I think it's free to get in, but $10 only if your showing your car. I heard there was gonna be a big Corvette club, and some other Hot Rod clubs there as well. Bring all the people you can find here. There's plenty of members here, that don't own caddy's. What date do you start in October? I was the third class to start here September 20th last year. The ammount of sutdents that have arrived since then is rediculous. My suggestion to you when you start is get here as early as possible, to avoid having to park far away from the building. I'm not sure if you knwo which class you'll be in, but there are two (well four to be exact). One morning class which is divided up into two start and end time 6:30/:6:40-12:45/12:55 and 1:50/2:00-8:05/8:15. I'm in the afternoon class, and usually get here around 1:10 in order to get a good spot. Also, watch out for the cops around the school. Over the past year that it's been open, alot of people have sort of ruined it for the rest of us, and now the cops around here hate us.If you have any other questions or anything just send me a PM.

09-06-05, 11:46 PM
yea i would send a pm but since i'm a new member i dont have those privileges. Hey i'll be there, just look for either a dark blue nissan maxima with 5 spoke 19's or a stock 03 red tiburon, depending on if i buy the tiburon or not. I'll also try to get some of the maxima owners in the area to attend, but it might be hard because i'm not sure how many maxima owners are in the phili area. we'll see... yo if u have ne other information about uti email me at pizzla96@hotmail.com because i could use all the info like info on - key housing locations, things to do for fun, girl situation, and stuff on the school itself like what the lessons are like and stuff like that

09-07-05, 12:27 AM
Yeah, let me gather some info together for you. I'll be looking for the Nissan (or Tiburon). You can't really miss my car. It's the big, black STS, with the loud exhaust and goofy license plate that says PL8NUMBR.