View Full Version : ? on seville northstar motor?

little tx
11-16-03, 11:21 AM
Hey, just a ? for yall! i have a 1995 cadillac sevile sls i bought it in Jan. 2003. It had 100,000 miles on it. It is starting to cut out when you go up a hill it cuts out but when you put more gas to it it stops....i called the dealership and asked them about it and they looked the car up on the comp. and said that they have done maint. on it since 1999 and there was no 100,000 mile tune up done on it. Could this be the problem no 100,000 mile tune up done yet? they said it would cost 200.00 to do one. what all are they supposed to do on a 100,000 mile tune up? I now have 112,00 miles on it. It is a great running car! Just cuts out when going up a little hill. Does this sound like spark plugs and wires? Please respond ASAP! Im takeing it in Tues. Im a woman and dont want to get ripprd off from the dealership. I trust yalls answers more. Please help...thanks a bunch!

11-16-03, 12:34 PM
Id do the 100k tuneup and see what changes....

Do the OBD.... Press/hold OFF and WARMER, and then the lights will all illuminate, and then the codes will flash....

Unfortunately, these sort of things are really hard to diagnose over the internet......

11-16-03, 04:07 PM
Could this be the problem no 100,000 mile tune up done yet? they said it would cost 200.00 to do one.
Yes, definitely get it tuned up. Plugs and wires aren't going to hurt anything. Might also consider replacing a fuel filter, checking for codes as mentioned in another response, and running a couple bottles of a good fuel injector cleaner through in on a long trip. If no long trip, consider running it with overdrive turned off until the tank of gas with cleaner in it is gone. Has it had the O2 sensors checked/changed? Might not be a bad idea while they're doing the tuneup. The one that usually goes bad first is the one just before the catalytic converter. The ones on each side of the engine are next. The one after the cat seems to last the longest. My thoughts anyway. Anyone else have any ideas?