: Not completely new but...

11-15-03, 10:27 PM
OK, so I've been a member for a few months, so sue me. But I never introduced.

I'm Mike, live in the Chicago 'burbs, and have a '96 SLS with 80,xxx miles that I've babied since 35,xxx miles. Learned a few tricks and tips along the way and always willing to share those and learn new ones. Looking forward to some good discussions and keeping your Cadillac and mine in top running shape for a long time.

I'm not into performance or mods, just keeping my stock SLS in tip-top shape.

Glad to be here. Thanks everyone for your contributions! :wave:

11-15-03, 11:20 PM
Happy to make your acquaintance! :welcome:

I've only been here barely a week, but I'm very happy I found this forum :banana:
people at work and my wife are sick of me talking about Cadillacs all the time
so I guess this is a good place for me.

Plus I love the dancing Banana! :histeric:

11-15-03, 11:33 PM
Welcome abaord..... Again..... Thanks for signing up......

Your the one on the front page..... Consider yourself famous!! :D