View Full Version : How To Repair Heated Seat elements WITHOUT Removing The Seat

03-21-14, 10:18 PM
I just bought a 2004 SLS with the same problem. I was able to remove the lower seat covers without removing the seat from the vehicle.
First, I raised the seat using the controls so I could get my hands underneath. Then I removed the buttons and trim panel from the controls on the side of the seat. I pulled the cover out from underneath. There are two star/torx screws along the front edge of the seat that holds a c-channel which runs along the other edges of the seat. You should be able to work this channel off the seat frame all the way around the seat, unhooking the rear part last. There will be orange fibers connecting the cover to Velcro strips on the foam cushion. Be careful separating them as they may tear the foam of the cushion. I wasn't sure how they were connected at first, but after looking closely, I realized it was possible. You will have to get in the back seat to remove the rear clips. The wiring to the element runs to the rear of this seat cover, so be mindful of that. Dis connect the harness, and peel the Velcro, and out she comes!! The drivers seat took me an hour to get off, but the passenger seat only took 5 minutes knowing how to do it.
Once removed, look for burn marks on the cushion or the inside of the pad. That should show you where the break in the element is. For some reason they used un insulated wire buried into the foam, and that's where I found the breaks. I had to gently pick away the gauze like cover over the element to access the wires. I cleaned them up, soldered the broken ends together, covered them in electrical tape, replaced the gauze material, then covered that with duct tape. Before I reassembled the seat, I plugged in the harness and tested it. Success! Didn't cost me a dime. Just take your time when putting back together.

Good Luck!!