: Question about headers...

08-06-05, 03:50 AM
This may have been asked a million times but not by me so... :tease:
I am looking for a set of headers with high flow cats. I have the Corsa exhaust and I need a good mate for them. What ones would you recommend? I want to get my PCM tuned from StealthV so im hoping to buy and install them ASAP. Seeing that there is not much room in the engine bay of the V, how hard is it to install headers??? How many beers??? How many knuckles can I expect to cut??? Thanks in advance!!!

08-06-05, 09:08 AM
i second that, im in the same boat. I want headers to...

08-06-05, 10:10 AM
There is plenty of room in the engine bay for the install - call it a one knuckle job if you remove the coil packs (highly recommend). Which headers? Tough call at this point. I have the B&B but also have their cat-back. Everything seems to work great together except the gaskets at the header/cat-back flange. There have been some cat failures on these headers too - but so far mine are fine.

There have been several other header threads on the board...maybe search...but from what I recall there have been NO unhappy campers. My memory isn't the best though...

08-06-05, 10:34 AM
There are two basic header styles, long tube, which are limited to Billy Boat's, and all the others, which are long tube. Billy Boat's are easy to install, bolt right up. Long tube headers usually require aftermarket cats.
I think it is undisputed that long tube headers produce substantially more horsepower. Someone wrote that BB's short tube headers are only off 4 rwhp, but I wonder if that compares BB short tubes with BB long tubes?
There are material performance differences between various long tube headers. They are by no means equal. Suggest that you continue to ask aroung. Talk to mfgs, and vendors. My choice was TPIS headers, and I have been very happy with that choice.

08-06-05, 11:11 AM
you need to hold off on any BB header product for now.
Billy has yet to explain or even POST here as to why the cats are dying with his product, AND the gaskets he ships SUCK.
We're all pretty disappointed after spending over 2500 bux for his products that he's abandoned us.

go with stainless works LTs and random tech cats. period.

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08-06-05, 11:41 AM
I sent my cast iron out for extrude hone and ceramic coating to get rid of the cans. I should have them back next week. No headers but as close as I will get. Inside is smooth as glass.