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08-04-05, 10:53 PM
I just put this new engine in which has low miles on itin my 94 sls , It hasnt run in a while though, what should I do to make sure nothing is stuck. the rods in the heads as you look down in the slots when you have the intake manifold off looks like they have some rust inside, on top of the tappets?...i think...right on whatever those little rods connect to. Its on about 4 of them, I put some wd40 down in there and let it sit, is there anything I should do to lube them>? or will the engine being ran clean it up?......and i tried starting it up yesterday, and the engine turned but it was weird sounding. it sounded sluggish, that was on a full battery too. So, I kept trying to start it up until the battery started getting weak. today i checked the spark plugs and noticed that none were in secure, so i changed them with the plugs i had on my other engine that I knew ran and secured them but now, I charged the battery up a little , and it doesnt even sound like the starter is engaging. all i hear is the fuel pump i think. and is it possible for a fuel line to be clogged or something?...because i smelt the spark plugs and there was only fuel on the back ones. so something could be wrong there. so right now, i really dont know what to do, the starter seems dead, (and by the way, its a new one) ....im thinking that since the spark plugs could have been bad and that they wernt tight, thats why it didnt start up. so, give me your thoughts ..Thanks:rolleyes2

08-05-05, 05:17 PM
I see you have no respnses so here goes, first of all, you have a lot of issues. If there is a littel rust on a cam lobe or valve stem that's not a very good sign. If it was a good tight motor before it was taken out of another car, you may want to tear it down a bit. It sounds like you've already installed it so obviously it won't be as easy to tear it down but it wouldn't hurt to at least pull the valve covers and intake to clean and WD-40 what you can.

If your not to worried about it and just want to get it running, I woul dmake sure that the oil is full. Crank it over about 2-3 seconds at a time, stopping before it may start, do that about 7-8 times. By doing that your circulating the oil and building up some oil pressure. There is a tool called a preluber that I'm sure you can get for the N*, it installs and you can build oil pressure without starting the motor. The reason is onvioous, to get oil to all the moving parts before the motor starts and runs up to 3 or 4k rpm's and ruins itself. When you sure that it's lubricated okay and it's cleaned up a bit then try and start it. You have a lot of work ahead of you form the sounds of it, is everything hooked up correctly, all the wires to the intake for the injectors, are the plug wires all on properly? If I'm not mistaken there is an oil pressure switch that will shut off the fuel pump if there is no oil pressure. This means, if you have no oil presssre, you will also loose fuel pressure and your motor won't start.

Clean it up a bit, of course you could leave it and it may be okay, depends on the amount of rust, was it just surface or was it heavy rust where it pitted the metal!

Check your connections, make sure everything is plugged in.

Check the spark plug wires, make sure they are on correctly.

You should be able to check fuel pressure easy enough, there should be a valve where you can check to see if you have fuel pressure.

You've asked a lot and haven't supplied a lot of information so it's hard to tell what to do or wher to go, I hope I helped a little bit!

08-05-05, 06:12 PM
You have a bunch of problems. Is this the sealed engine you asked about a couple of weeks ago? Did you check it as suggested?

What happened to the original engine? You were in the process of timeserting it I think?

You are going to have to work through all the problems one by one. Did you use your original intake or one with the used engine?

08-06-05, 03:10 AM
this is infact the engine i purchased a couple weeks ago, the rust as far as i can tell is just surface rust. I pulled the valve covers and there was no rust on the cams and everything seemed to be fine. and i did wd-40 the valve stems and such. I got the engine to almost started today, it sounded normal, but just didnt start. I think maybe the sensor by the oil filter is bad, I need to replace it, that wouldnt make the engine not start would it?.i know now that both fuel lines work. one just had more pressure in it than the other i guess. but now i've got a fuel leak dripping down on the drivers side right underneith the body were i think the fuel filter is if im not mistaken. and i used the old intake manifold for this engine. I took the oil pan off before installing the engine as well and there was no interior rust. so, I think its just time to take it to the local mechanic and spend some money.....very frustrating.

08-06-05, 03:28 AM
If you used the original intake the injectors should be OK (the one from the car). Injectors gum up and are ruined from sitting a long time. It may be possible to clean them but it gets expensive ($20 ea minimum x 8 = $160). Yours were working OK so they are the best to use. That shouldn't be a problem then.

Double ck all your connections. There is a ground above the passenger drive shaft that we missed on one. Had the bolt in, not tightened.

Any DTC's coming up?

Try some starting spray and see what happens. This is really important...You can crank the heck out of an engine and sometimes a shot of starting spray is all it takes. It makes it a lot easier to diagnose problems too. If it runs momentarily you know it's fuel...if it never sputters with spray you can go right to the spark.

What happened with the old engine? Did you just find this one or was there a problem with the old one?

08-06-05, 03:50 PM
the old one had bad head gaskets, but there was about 191,000 miles on it. So i figuered itd be better to switch out. I didnt want to spend the money to fix those and timesert it. I was quoted about 3200. ..so thanks for the info...i will check the connections and ill try the spray. maybe thats all it is?...hopefully!! Thanks!