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03-16-14, 11:14 PM
The good and the bad of doing business with me and Northstar Performance always hits CF first. I don't necessarily want it this way but that's the way it is.

I have good intentions and I do care about people and their cars. So much so that last night; I worked straight through to until 5am. I do this a lot because I have ambition to help Northstar owners with my patent-pending repair kit that I invented.

If I didn't care about people and my customers, I wouldn't work days and nights to manufacture those studs personally and I wouldn't spend $700 on air travel and leave my life behind to wrench on a caddy. This winter has been particularly rough on us, not only due to the weather; but because someone in the lone star state has worked excessively hard to interfere with how I conduct business. I sit back as patient and calm as I can and work around the obstacles this individual throws at my company.

More to the point- I will not roll over and die while someone who has evil on his side; attempts to take my life away from me and all that I have worked hard for. That is not fair to the guy who invented the SureGrip Stud repair system or the thousands of Northstar owners that I have helped and will help.

Evil will always be at work and I will battle that evil until I either win or lose the ambition to do so. And that has been the aim of this individual- to make me give up and quit. Many times I have wanted to; but that is weakness and would only make him smile.

I have a lot of great reviews. You can read some here:


My goal is to make Northstar repair as durable and painless as possible, and for every person that installs a set of my SureGrip Studs in his engine, brings a car to me for repair, etc... - they can expect durable repairs. Painless is something I've gotta work on, I've got to get wait times down a bit, and I will. If it means closing up the repair shop and just focusing on supplying the parts; I will do so, when I am good and ready.

Gone are the days of working in peace. The industry has changed. And I must change with it. But for those; who still stand behind the original creator of the SureGrip stud system; I promise you; the BEST I can do for you; ATTENTION to detail, and to get your repairs done or stud kit out the door as soon as I can EVEN if it means losing a nights sleep. Because that's what I do. I'm proud of my position and the more understanding and respect you show me the more you will get back, the harder I will work to offer you the solution. Getting paid is only a portion of my motivation. A handshake at the end of a job well done and the smile from the Caddy owner when they turn the key and start their Northstar - THAT IS and always has been my motivation. Because I can choose my occupation. I can choose the source of my income. But I cannot replace the feeling I get when I know I've made a difference with what I invented. And nothing in this world will ever mean more to me than mutual respect among people. I will always do all I can.

Thanks all for your continued support. :highfive:

And may you get lucky and never experience HG failure. I don't wish that on anybody. I am here if it happens though.

-Jake Wiebe, Northstar Performance

03-17-14, 12:01 AM
Lets not start the feud up again..and lets not call folks evil..

03-17-14, 12:32 AM
Then tell him to stop private messaging and harrassing my friends and customers. You are closely associated.

03-17-14, 10:41 AM
Im not as closely associated as you assume, we email about cars, nothing else...i don't care to be involved in this debacle between you and him.

03-18-14, 04:39 PM
Thanks Jake. That was / is inspiring. Nice focus

03-18-14, 09:48 PM
I feel so inspired I could almost eat leftover corned beef and cabbage.