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08-04-05, 10:11 AM
I just bought a 87 Sedan De Ville. The engine was replaced at 60,000 and it has 122,000 on it now. Also the transmission is new with a one year warrenty. So far I am very happy with the car, and I only paid 1,300 US for it. It's been garaged all it's life so the exterior and interior are in very good condition. No ripes in the leather, and no paint fade or dents. Everything on the car works. Any helpfull informaiton wouldbe appreciated, outside of routine matienence.
I live in the San Francisco bay area. One thing the car desperatly needs is a new Headliner. Ive replaced one before on smaller car, however Im concerned about getting it out of the car. Are the doors big enough?. Or could anyone reccomend a shop.
Well I hope I didn't forget anything please chime in if you have any more information for me..
Thank you all


08-04-05, 10:33 AM
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08-04-05, 11:15 AM
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08-05-05, 09:36 PM
Welcome to Cadillac Forums. Check out this for your headliner info http://www.mrstitch.com/service.htm. You could also check out these guys
O&R Auto Upholstery
620B San Pablo Ave
(in the Del Monte Shopping Center near The Embers)
(510) 724-0233
Specializing in upholstery for autos, boats, and RVs; carpets, headliners, convertible tops, seat repair and reupholstery, etc.

08-08-05, 01:52 PM
Welcome Eric,

Thanks for joining! Here is some info about your Caddy you might find useful:
1987 Cadillac (http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1980/cad87.htm)
1987 Sedan DeVille (http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1980/cad87d.htm)
Good Luck

08-09-05, 04:46 PM
welcome! you'll love it here, the FWD deville guys are very helpful! back in my days with the Coupe i got alot of help here.