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08-02-05, 09:49 PM
Alright so Ive had this Elantra of my mothers for all of 4 days and I already managed to break it...

I was trying to install my Kenwood headunit in this 2000 Elantra GLS, and wouldnt you know it, to get to the radio you have to pull the whole front trim off the dash, which INCLUDES the HVAC control area and the vacuum tubes and electricals attached! Well I managed to get it loose enough without disconnecting anything, but somehow I SCREWED the Thermostat! Its just a simply thermostat connected by a steel cable to something, but now its stuck in the HOT position and the little knob on the front panel is tough to turn, it doesnt have any give at all...

This is the STUPIDEST design Ive ever seen... I sure hope no domestics or europeans are setup like this, it makes ZERO sense.

Help? :eek:

08-02-05, 09:58 PM
them little steel cables used to be all the rage ...noadays even the units that look like the old school HVAC systems are fully lelctronic and vac driven behind the dash ...

the cable probably drives a door that flips to change from sucking air thru the ac evaporator or the heater core , or turns the heater core flow on ....

pull the panel again , make sure the cabe didnt get kinked dureing reassembly , thats what it sounds like to me is something got kinked or placed on a rough angle ...

or you pulled it out too far (how did the panel feel as you pulled it away?) , find where the cable goes to in there and make sure it didnt tweek the junction at the mix door or the heater controll valve (that damn cable may go all the way to the engine comaprtment)

why were you putting a kenwood in a elentra ? you know that headunit is worth more than the car ...plus those speakers are craptastic ....

remeber , you took it apart , so your smart enough to fix it ....have faith my freind

08-02-05, 10:11 PM
lol... to answer your question Ive had this spare Kenwood sitting around for a while, its an Excelon but its a few years old. Im going to be driving this Hyundai for a while and to be totally honest the system in this Elantra is at least as good as what youd get in the premium sound system of a Cobalt etc... Add to that that its a simple DIN sized radio and easy swap, and the BIGGEST thing. I want to be able to listen to my IPOD in it, so I was extatic when I found out that Kenwood has an iPod controller that attaches to the CD Changer port on the back. So I tried to get it all going today. To make matters worse, Best Buy gave me the wrong damn connector piece. Like most other things in my life right now.... this has been a complete defeat today.

Now that you mention it, it does seem like ALOT of slack was released when I pulled on it, so I may just have to take it to the dealer now. Thats what that 10 year warranty is for after all.

08-02-05, 10:13 PM
you shouldnt have problems if you had slack i was more worried if you had to force anything

08-02-05, 10:24 PM
No I mean, thats what I meant, it was real tight and I gave it enough of a tug that it gave me some slack alll of a sudden. HOWEVER, if I pull on the cable inside the dash, it is STILL very tight and definitely attached to something, it didnt just pull loose altogether. In fact, now the panel fights me when I try to put it back on because now the force is above rather than below wherever it was before, so Im pushing against it when I try to close the panel.

Heres a neat thing with Hyundai... theyve got their entire technical manual for each car online... I dont think customers are supposed to have this but someone on a Hyundai forum posted it... Once you sign up you have access to all the technical schematics and instructions.


Heres a back view of what I broke... Its the assembly on the far right of this picture, that long cable going to the right is the steel cable that controls the door I think...


08-03-05, 05:08 PM
I FIXED IT! Yaaay!

Man what a little daylight will do. I looked under the dash in the driver side footwell and right there in front of me was the plastic lever thingy the steel cable attaches to, seems the cable came out of some retainer piece along the way which caused it to not work right. Well now I also know how to remove the cable altogether if I really wanted to.

Im happy, this is gonna be my little experimentation car until I get my next vehicle lol.

BTW... I didnt know this car had 140hp, its actually got a DOHC 2.0L 4 with 4 valves per cylinder. Its really not a terrible car at all.

08-03-05, 05:26 PM
BTW... I didnt know this car had 140hp, its actually got a DOHC 2.0L 4 with 4 valves per cylinder. Its really not a terrible car at all.
and then you'll get somethign good and realise how deluded you were :p

08-03-05, 05:29 PM
Note that I said its not a TERRIBLE car, I didnt say it was a GOOD car lol. In its market this is a worthy contender though. And id certainly rather own this than an Aveo.