: 97 DeVille Concours low oil pressure stop engine???

08-01-05, 10:00 PM
I recently had my oil changed and now the computer says "stop engine, low oil pressure!" I didnt hear any noises, so I think I just need a new oil switch (sending unit? not oil pump). Can someone please tell me exactly where the switch is and what tools I'll need to replace it. Maybe I need a new wiring harness and does that come with a new oil switch?:want:

08-01-05, 10:23 PM
The switch is located up by the oil filter adapter. Stick with an OEM switch.

08-01-05, 10:27 PM

Whats going on old buddy?

I lost your number and I need to talk to you asap about my oil pressure.
Please call me at 404-808-7579 tonight if you can. I don't care what time!



08-01-05, 10:31 PM
The oil pressure sending unit screws into the oil filter adapter just above the top of the oil filter on the driver side. It's possible the service guys may have accidently disconnected the wiring harness from the unit. Even if itisn't disconnected push it and make sure it's firmly attached.
Good luck

08-01-05, 11:16 PM
Do you get to the oil switch from the top or the bottom of the engine? I only know where the oil filter is. What do you mean oil filter adapter? Please be specific and give me something to visualize. Thanks!

08-02-05, 12:01 PM
I beleive you have to get at it from the bottom. As DaveC said, the oil filter screws onto the adapter. The switch is right there. Just look for wires leading to it.

08-03-05, 05:38 AM
I have the same problem, see

08-12-05, 07:22 AM
What was the fix

08-15-05, 12:46 PM
I just finished putting a used salvage yard N* in a 96 DeVille.
The only problem I had on startup was the "Low oil Pressure-Stop Engine" message.
After verifying that the upper heads were in fact getting oil and the oil filter was alright, I changed the oil pressure switch.
Problem solved!

08-17-05, 04:13 PM

I am still having this problem. Rotella T 15/40 oil has eased the frequency of occurrence, but I still get this oil lamp flickering at idle speeds, and only after the coolant temp has reached 230 or so (like after ascending a steep mountain road) and starts coming down.
This is with a third OEM oil pressure switch. I cant figure it out. I also had a whole post on this and I have tried everyones (thanks again all) well-infomed recommendations.
I'm thinking of replacing the thermostat with a lower temperature unit. Last try, otherwise I'll just have to deal with it until something MAJOR happens

08-17-05, 05:53 PM
It sounds like you may actually have low oil pressure. Have you hooked up a mechanical gauge to see what it actually is?