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08-01-05, 05:55 PM
:worship: Hi, I purchased a 1996 Eldo. and its in very good condition with 41000K on it. I really like the style of the car and its power. I just don't know if I have a ELC, ESC or I wish a ETC. I don't have any letters on the right side of the trunk so from what I read the engine is the base model but with all the options its more like a ESC, but wouldn't that be listed on the right side of the trunk? I've posted on the forum and read lots of very interesting information on this car. I appreciate all the helpful information available to begginning DIY'er like myself. I really enjoy reading about the N* and with your help I hope to be one of the people driving around with a N* that reached 2 to 400,000k and post it here for people to see. By the way I mistakenly started a thread that was almost two years old(SLS vs STS any takers), sorry for not paying attention to the dates.

08-01-05, 09:39 PM
Hopefully this should help you identify your car:


I believe the '96 only came in Base and ETC models, and the sports package was an option on the Base (I think);)

08-02-05, 07:52 PM
:welcome: to the Forum.

08-02-05, 08:20 PM
Welcome to the forums.

08-02-05, 11:51 PM
welcome aboard i beleive u have the esc model

08-03-05, 08:55 AM
Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your Eldo.

08-03-05, 08:23 PM
Thanks guys & gals, from what I can tell with all the options the has its the ESC, but I still don't have any letter on the right side of the trunk. Who cares it's a Cadillac.

08-04-05, 10:22 PM