: Insurance for "classic" or "collector" ie a 72 ElDo

08-01-05, 07:42 AM
i did a search but didnt find as much information as i had expected..

i just bought a 72 el dorado in good condition. im 21, female, just got a licence so no driving record at all. great grades if that could possibly matter for a discount.. anyway i want to get the best and most affordable insurance possible and have seen some clues that "showcar" type insurance is the logical choice, besides my age. i barely drive my car around town, so very few miles.

any advice and experience you can share is wonderful help! :p

Night Wolf
08-01-05, 08:24 AM
Hey, man, I want a '72 Eldorado convertible badly....

Hagerty specializes in classic car insurance.

I have my '79 insured thru my normal company, State Farm, under their classic car insurance, it cost me about $180/year, for full coverage :)

The only thing is, you can't get classic car insurance if you only have that car, you need a daily driver, some companies have mileage limits (Hagerty does NOT) but all will not let you use the car to commute to work and stuff, but, without another car, it'll be near impossible to get it...

08-01-05, 08:37 AM
^aw crap. if my boyfriend(25 y/o good record) and i live together and each have our own car in our own names, but we each drive them both could we get insurance together? he has a 99 F150 which is the commute car, this one is more of a weekend cruiser. but we're not married.

what if we put them both in his name just for that insurance stipiulation, could i be covered as a driver too? is there a way to co-own a car?

08-01-05, 08:39 AM
the truck is currently insured under mercury, do they have a good option for my caddy?

Night Wolf
08-01-05, 08:26 PM
it dosn't matter if you live together or share owners with the car etc....

but you need to have proof that you have another car and that the classic is just a weekend car or something.

if you have classic car insurance thru your normal company (like me, State Farm) then you just gotta have a 2nd car.... if you get it thru a specialty company (like Hagerty) then you just gotta show them proof (not sure how)

Although really, once you get the insurance you can use the car for whatever you want, thats what I do, I have gone over the 2,000miles/year limit but my insurance broker says not to worry....