: My car this month: A Chrysler

08-01-05, 05:43 AM
I'm out of town visiting friends and family. I arrived in Washington state with the Q, which I'm giving to my brother and he's currently driving around town. In the meantime I've been driving my dad's Honda Civic Vx:
45mpg! Slow, but the VTEC 1.5L I4 and super light weight make it fun to toss around twisty roads. Here's one I got to carve around on my way to Portland (I got lost on a side road):

Now, for the month of August I'm driving my friend's 94 Chrysler LHS:


I moved the XM antenna from the rear deck to the roof. Looks dorky, but works.

The plastic fender has a crack from when a Jiffy Lube monkey left a screwdriver there and shut the hood.

Nifty overhead console you generally don't see in imported cars. Its a mildly amusing game for me trying to keep the gas mileage up. So far averaging 20mpg. The compass is handy in winding and confusing parts of town.

XM tuner an white-face gauges from an Intrepid.

Overall, I really like this car. The ride is smooth but not wallowy. Handling is remarkable considering its size. The Chrysler 3.5 V6 is surprisingly powerful at high and low revs. The back seat is equally as comfortable as the front with enough leg room to really stretch out.
It might not win any races and Chrysler's build quality may be a step below, but my god, this thing is SO comfortable. I sometimes have to turn down the AC to reduce my comfort level and stay awake.

08-01-05, 09:16 AM
Friends of the family visited us a while back and rented one of these. I was impressed. I think it was Crysler's flagship sedan back then, top of the line, really nice car.

08-01-05, 04:58 PM
My uncle bought an LHS when they first came out. His was 94 and was exactly like your friend's. The color was purple though. I liked them then, ride was nice, stereo sounded nice, come to think of it, I almost bought one of those before I bought my first Cadillac.

08-01-05, 05:03 PM
Looks smart, that interiors nice as well. Not sure about white. Black though :D