: Question about maggie Pulleys

07-31-05, 01:38 AM
Well, i have 3 of them. 2 which are 2.75, the other is on V, it says 2.80 on it.

Question is, i thought 2.75 was largest or the one that gave the V or maggie more boost.

Could they have put a 2.80 on mine due to my LS6 has been bored/punched out?

now my boost gauge is made by greddy, it measures in bars. Like .5 then 1, 1.5 and so on & of course measures in between each bar. When i wot 1-2-3 shifts, my guage bar hits just a tad under 1.

I was told .5 in bar measurements is equal to 5 or 6 psi? Is this true? if so, then i am hitting 7 to 7.5 pounds of boost?

I add my egt/pyro & extra temp guage tomorrow. I have boost & fuel pressure on pillar pod mount, that looks awesome.. I bought a Perrin guage holder for the other two. The Perrin is billet but brushed, so it matches the nickel look we have already on steering wheel, door handles ect..

later blitzer.. ;)

07-31-05, 02:09 AM
here is a link for conversion:


0.5 bar =7.25 lbs per sq in.

07-31-05, 03:20 AM
Thanx Heavy..

Damn thats hard to beleive.. I am running 103 octane now as well. Ordered & picked up 34 US gallons of street blue 103. Runs so much better. My God, when i hit around 2900 to 3200 rpms it launches now, no hesitation at all.. I was having a lil hestitation with 91 octane, around 3rd gear or 2-3 shift, but not at wot, but close.. Now lol it will pin your head back to the damn head rest. I have to tilt mine all the way forward to keep my neck straight.

Another thing,, i noticed in another topic that 2004 V for sale that said it had 600 or 650 hp, and with a 383.. so it has to be stroker kit.. Mine is 400, or (402), and i have almost 90k in my V now, counting price of car, and my V dyno report was 632, & 538 rwhp.. I have max tune, with maggie, cai, alot of sh*t and i do not have 650.. weird. I have max heads as well.. not 202 valves i think my intake valves are somewhere between 208 & 210. bigger cam,, more lift.. only thing i do not have is lighter flywheel.. yet. i am waiting on new fiber driveshaft.. should be in in 7 to 10 days.. they had to make it. Im scared i am going to twist shaft due to hp rating as is.

I am trying to figure out how to get these damn pics i have on here.. I have a SONY HandyCam, model # DCR-DVD92.. it has those small dvd-r 1.4gb mini disc in them.. The only cord i have is a dolby digital cord, looks like a smaller firewire that goes into cam, but other end is rca's the red, rellow & white, like to pug into my tv.. I finalized the cd in cam, put it in my pc, and it does nothing, shows nothing... and it is a dvd recorder, dc-rom, blah blah disc player on my pc, i have two neither of them will play or show photos..
I guess i will go back to best buy tomorrow, see if they have cord that will plug into port on pc usb slot... the camera only has two connects, one for charger, one for what i mentioned above.. I really want to show you guys all that i have done.

later.. blitzer

07-31-05, 03:27 AM
I want to see !!!!

Get a video converter to USB2.0

They are cheap and work.

I am putting BMR stuff in tomorrow.

Headers next weekend.

This is worse then model airplanes.:canttalk:

07-31-05, 04:12 AM
lmao.. Your right.. Its bad.. real bad.. My wife already calls my V a P*&&Y wagon already.. and she hates the speed of it. Why? Well she lost her baby brother to a car wreck, he lost control of eclispe, went sideways into big oak tree in florida, tboned it, broke his neck & back, died on spot.. really was sad. they estimated the speed was around 50 to 55, sadly he was only 19.. just turned 19.. so i have to constantly hear the lecture "im going to end up like my brother" first i do not drink & drive, second i do not take X & drink & drive... he left a party, was only 3 streets down, was on his way home. less than 1/4 mile.. but when your younger than 19, we all remember the feeling " we gonna live forever" fearless at that age. being fearless can kill you quicker than anything else IMHO. I have alot of respect for my V, with all that power. The day i feel bulletproof in it, is & will be time for me to sell it.

Heavy, i will check that converter out.. Im so pissed off, i have been trying to get this stooooooopid thing to work since 9 tonight, it is 1 am now.. i give up.. i will figure it out tomorrow.

Oh yeah.. i forgot who it was that wanted to see rear spoiler.. it is painted now, ready to install. I just have not done it yet. Im still scratcing my head about them drilling holes.. makes me nervous.. but the spoiler is really conservative, it is not like one of those supra take take off on the tarmac wings.. it is SVT Cobra.. They did a great job of adding to the very middle to make a slight point, so to match like on our trunks, where the rear brake light is.. Ya know i might have pic of it before painted, i might be able to scan that.. let me look..

thanx again heavy!

later.. blitzer

07-31-05, 12:43 PM
Here is a cheap one:


I bought something very similar to convert a lot of my VHS to DVD.

Sorry about your brother in law.

No matter how they go it is sad.

07-31-05, 02:36 PM
This is worse then model airplanes.:canttalk:

Nothing is worse than model airplanes. Gotta love sending a $3000 high speed all carbon and glass model to meet mother earth at 200+mph...painful...painful...painful...and the terrible part is you'll buy another one and do it again :drinker

07-31-05, 02:56 PM
Nothing is worse than model airplanes. Gotta love sending a $3000 high speed all carbon and glass model to meet mother earth at 200+mph...painful...painful...painful...and the terrible part is you'll buy another one and do it again :drinker
beats a 50K car hitting mother earth at 80 :D

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07-31-05, 03:04 PM
You know you have it bad when you hit the hobby shop on the way home from your latest crash.:banghead:

I had my own little company making slope soaring "scale" jets.
Then I got a helicopter.
That thing will turn your legs to jello!:lildevil: :lildevil: :bonkers:

Yeah, ducted fans.
Guided (sometimes!) missiles.
Sometimes they explode when they go in!

I saw a video on a scale C130 cargo/troop carrier.
Thing was massive!

Have you ever seen this?


07-31-05, 04:28 PM
Sh*t .....Model airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!

I was the 1999 IMAC Advanced US National champion (IMAC= International miniature aerobatic club.)
I have $50,000 dollars in model airplanes, each are 12 ft wingspans that use 150cc gas twins running 32in. props that are carbon fiber.
absolute insanity!!!!

This is worse then model airplanes.:canttalk:

07-31-05, 04:59 PM
Now you know what happens to people who "grow out of" model airplanes!:canttalk:

I still throw one in the back and look for a place to pitch it.

The drive is a lot more enjoyable then the fly though!