View Full Version : what is the conditioner called to add to the radiator coolant??

07-30-05, 03:30 PM
I want to do this right now..
i'm not sure if it's just regular bars leak or what. So if someone could tell me i can be on my way to the parts store.

Thanks alot

07-30-05, 03:37 PM
You need either the Bar's Leaks huge pellets (the pellets are about 1.5" across) or 2 tubes of Bar's Leaks Golden Seal powder. I prefer the powder stuff. The black liquid Bar's Leaks stuff is NOT what you need. Don't use anything else, just the two products I mentioned. The rest of them either don't work or could cause damage.

Also, put it in the radiator hose, DO NOT put it in the surge tank or you could clog up the vapor vent line and cause overheating and other potential damage.

07-30-05, 03:39 PM
that's what i was looking for..
thank you so much

07-30-05, 05:47 PM
the only stuff i can find a stop leak and conditioner is that what I want. it's the golden seal powder

07-30-05, 07:17 PM
If that product is in a 0.75 oz cylinder and packaged with Bar's Leaks product # G12BP on the bottom LH corner, that is what you want.

Bar's Leaks has changed their web page and I cannot direct you to a picture.

07-30-05, 07:57 PM
cool, that's what i got. and I need two of these put in correct.
Thanks alot for the help folks

07-30-05, 08:12 PM
Two is not too many.