: Hey everyone! (okay, a little long...)

11-13-03, 01:03 AM
Hey everyone... I'm not very good with introductions (heh, not even typed introductions). I'm still a pretty young guy, but here's my exposure to some Cadillacs:

198x Eldorado - My best friend's parents had an early 80s Eldorado...diesel! They beat the crap out of it. For years it sat outside, the victim of the family "mechanic". They never got the engine together, so to the junkyard it went.

1976 Coupe Deville - Big and beautiful. It was too big in fact. Every winter we had to remove the front bumper to get it to fit in the garage. The thing must have an 8000 gallon gas tank feeding that 500 CI engine. It was beautiful though, a Florida car with no mileage and original right down the spare tire (complete with that blue stuff on the whitewall). Years later after my dad sold it off, I run into it at a gas station. Inexplicably, there was rust under the white top, ugly chrome wheels, and the front end was smashed. I wanted to cry...

1990 Seville - After owning crappy Honda Civics and an '88 beater Grand Am, this was first real car. It already had over 100k on the clock when I got it, but for the year it was excellent. The interior was perfect, no rust, and it had lots of power. To this day I still don't know why the accelerator was so damned touchy; tap it too hard at the light and the thing would lunge forward. This car only let me down a couple of times, but after covering every inch I felt I could go anywhere in it. It was "carmine" red, had a white top, and white interior. The trim package was gold. The power roof is a feature I sorely miss on my newer car. The paint had such a shine to it that it easily stuck out when I got out of work at night. That's when things started souring for me. This car made me famous. It was fun to hear the "you got a Caddie!" and "nice car" comments, but for every one of those I got the usual "pimp daddy ghetto rider" comments. People were always shocked that was my car. Even the drive thru lady at McDonalds started calling me "ghetto man". Trying to convince myself that I wasn't giving into social pressure, I decided to get something better suited for myself so I parted ways with that car. It still runs and looks near perfect to this day.

1987 Deville - One of those "spontaneous" purchases my dad made. One thing this had going for it, super low mileage. It wasn't much of a looker though. It was goldish-tan color with matching carriage top. Everything screamed "80s GM" on it. Every time the car took a corner, all of the passengers would slide around in the seats. You didn't have to take the corners hard either, but it's not like that was even an option. I was amazed how slowly the needle on the speedometer would creep along when I put my foot on the accelerator. That brings up a very bad trait, the infamous 4100 engine. Amongst car people, that was like some sort of joke. I never heard so many horrors stories, but this car ran ran quiet and smooth. At lights you couldn't even tell it was running with the radio on. Too bad someone decided to steal it from a local mall my parents were shopping at. I don't think they ever counted on someone stealing because it was probably unlocked. The car was eventually located. Strangely enough, they stripped the wheels which were some cheap aftermarket spoke wheels (the plastic on the caps was peeling so they had a bluish appearance). The thieves also had some fun apparently because the engine was knocking hard. I suspect someone held their foot down until the car begged for mercy. That was hard lesson to swallow, but that car was junked.

1993 STS - I've had this car for about four months now. I'm still in the usual distrust state as I get more familiar with it. I've always admired these cars and from the very beginning I knew exactly what I wanted. All black it had to be. I found this car and the odometer hadn't even turned 40k yet. Aside from a few things, this car in most places was "like new". I knew this car must have been sitting in a long time before I got. That meant some headaches turning it into a daily driver. Too bad regular maintenance short of oil changes was neglected. I swear the air filter was original. That some scary #%#*! After all of my work though , I feel everything was very much worth the effort. I'm getting more and more familiar with the Northstar engine and some of the car's anomalies. I'm a computer guy, but I've had to be a little more hands on with this car other than the usual brake, fluid, and alternator type jobs I've done in the past. I'm too poor to afford trips to the dealer. Those PCM codes come in handy! :D Thank goodness for online GM parts sites and eBay! My last step is a set of new tires. Now that it has been tamed, what I've been left with is a vehicle that I feel is very much me. All of my friends drive trucks and Hondas, but I probably will be driving a Cadillac for the rest of my life.

Well, I ended up writing more than I probably should have. The good thing is that I am more of a lurker. ;)

11-13-03, 08:29 AM
WELCOME to the forums :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
that is one long post. Glad to have you on board. I see that you have gone through quite a bit with caddy's. Glad to see that you enjoy your sts. You got a real winner with that low of miles. If you keep up on the work it will last a long time. Catch you later