: ACT Xtreme Twin Disc Clutch for sale

03-09-14, 07:02 PM
I've dealt with Monster and had nothing but problems and bought this clutch after dropping the tranny twice to replace defective monster hardware. I figured the clutch was going to eventually fail after the second pressure plate from monster was slipping a lot in third. This clutch IMHO is the best on the market for daily drivers with higher torque vehicles, without dealing with potential chattering issues. When I bought it I contacted every dealer and again, everyone essentially drop ships from the manufacturer and apparently the manufacturer builds the unit at the time of order, which is several months. No help to someone needing it asap. This unit is BRAND new and Im willing to let it go at $800. It will fit 04-07 CTS-V. PM me or email me at nickweems@Comcast.net - or text me 209-THREE 4 9-2237 before 10pm PST. btw the item is in merced, ca so if you live in the bay area, im only a couple hours away.


03-20-14, 01:55 PM
Lowered to $700