: Vogue Zircon Wheels / Rims

03-07-14, 07:08 PM
Looking for 17" Chrome Vogue Zircon wheels /rims. I have a set but would like to replace one or 2. They have been discontinued so hoping to find some decent used. thanks

05-03-15, 04:31 PM
I have four Vogue Zircon rims size 17x7.5 on my 2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD. The look ok, but have some pitting. The center caps are also in usable shape, not broken and can be refinished. My tires are Vogue 225/50R/17 and they have very good tread left on them. I'm looking for a deal where I can put new OEM 2007 Lincoln MKZ alloy rims back on my car, along with some raised white lettering tires of the same quality as my Vogue tires. These are the actual rims and tires, pictures taken on 5-59-15.