: Pop-In sidebar.

03-07-14, 03:10 AM
What's with the pop-in sidebar on the left that won't go away? I thought being a premium member would eliminate that kind of annoying crap.

03-07-14, 08:38 AM
Dave, Ranger just went through the same sort of pop-in. It's probably not the CF site - the Admin folks ran several scans to try and find it. It's either your browser or a cookie that hasn't cleared.

This may work - If you're using Firefox, click the Tools tab and then Add-ons. Click that and find AdBlockPlus. A red stop sign icon. Download it and get familiar with the function. You click the new stop sign icon in your upper toolbar and find the URL of the offending ad - block it and away it goes.

03-07-14, 01:06 PM
Upon further review it appears to be part of some search toolbar that sneaked in somehow.