: Transmition shifting ?'s

11-12-03, 03:39 AM
Hey everybody,

I have a 1996 Seville STS. 128,000miles. It has been taken care of very well. Previous owner had a fat stack of dealer recipts.

When I lay the hammer down from about 20mph the car down shifts and takes off like a rocket. The RPM's reach over 6,000 but the tranny still hasn't shifted yet so I end up easing up on the throttle to make it shift.

Is this what I should do?, or is it ok for the engine to temporarley go into the red line before it shifts?


PS I have just checked ALL fluids in the car and they are at the proper level.

11-12-03, 03:50 PM
Yes.... normal! You WANT it to go to the redline......

Besides, the tach isnt really accurate.... For instance, my car shifts at 6900 (redline), but its well into the 7000 zone when it actually shifts.......

11-12-03, 08:53 PM
"Hmm........ Vedy intawesting," So what is the real MAX RPM a bone stock 96 North* can turn?

I guess the red line on the instrument panel it to keep people from driving the car to its max therefore making it last longer?

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p.s. I see you drive a Q45. what kind of Caddy do ya have?

11-12-03, 08:56 PM
I dont really think that at all...... In fact, nowadays, most engines arent adversly affected by driving them hard.... Its also better to excersise the engine <often>.... My car sees the redline at least once every other day!

I think your redline is 6800 or 6900, cant remember for sure.....

11-12-03, 09:00 PM
Oh.... BTW, I dont have a caddy (my grandparents have a 95 FW that I have access to if I need it)...... Im just here to look cool..... :D

I came here to learn about cadillacs, and with of my knowledge about the cars, I had to stay and help other members!

11-12-03, 09:18 PM
Ok, so it's your Q45 that shifts well into the 7,000s? WOW thats high. Thats a the luxo version of the Nissan Pathfinder right? It has a V6 I think.

Yes, I too am a firm believer that engines like and need to be excersized for many reasons like blowing out carbon build up.

Man, these North* engines must be very well balanced to turn such high revs. I think NASCAR engines turn average of 8200ish which isn't much higher.

I just bought the car and my main concern is throwing a rod through the case or something else. I want to be sure I know the limits of the car so I can beat B'mers, Mustangs, Camaro, ect without grenading the engine.


"Look stock and haul A**" =)

11-12-03, 09:25 PM
You wont need to worry about throwing a rod in these babies... The computer automatically limits revvs, so you cant overrev it!!!!! Plus the bottom end is VERY solid!!

And no, your thinking of the QX4.... The Q45 is a luxury sedan that rivals (daresay) the cadillac seville, BMW 5 series, Lexus LS400, etc...... I posted some pictures a while back in the lounge.... Should be a few pages back!!

11-12-03, 09:32 PM
O cool. Thanks for the info.

My bad about the Q45 :2thumbs:. I shoud have known. THat was one of the cars I was looking at when I was shopping recently. Besides the look of the car I chose the Caddy STS over the imports because I am planning on towing my boat with the car and I thought the Caddy in general(engine,tranny,frame) could handle towing better.


11-12-03, 09:38 PM
That is true..... Towing in the Q is asking for disaster..... Say TaTa to your rear subframe on the Q..... :D

So do you like the looks of the Q?? Mine is a 94.....

11-13-03, 01:09 AM
Ok I'm back. You are probably gone by now. Went and got some dinner. Took the STS to In and Out burger. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm :golden:

But yes Wes I like the somewhat boxy look of the 94's.