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01-04-03, 11:43 AM
I was curious on how many of you have a warranty, and if its worth it. im not talking the factory warranty, but one you spend 1000 dollars on after the factory warranty is up.

01-04-03, 12:40 PM
Before I answer.. Which do you mean? The Cadillac extended warranty? Or the one you buy from a company like The Warranty Group?

The Cadillac entended warranty is great - but I don't think that's the one you're referring to. They're normally more expensive, I think.. With this warranty, there's no hassle. You go right into the dealer, get your stuff done, and you're finished. If you have a deductable, you pay a few dollars.. No big deal..

If it's the other warranty, to me it's not worth it. You have to put out the money first - and then get a check. Sometimes the warranty company will fight with you about it.. Sometimes you need to ship them the old part.. All kinds of wierdness..

01-04-03, 04:18 PM
well i was talking about one you buy from another company. I looked at their website (http://www.autowarrantybroker.com/) . They said that they pay the dealer of your choice with a credit card. You choose the deductible.

To make a long story short, would it be more worthwhile to buy a service manual and do repairs yourself, or to spend the 1000 dollars and not have to worry about it. Does the service manual explain things enough that it is easy to figure out. Tell me what you think

01-05-03, 09:11 AM
Hey, I looked at the link and if they do what they say it's worth it. If they don't then it will be a typical aftermaket do nothing warranty. The Cadillac one is great though. My business partner has a 2000 STS and the first time he used the extended warranty it way more than paid for itself ( Trans. replacement ) he's got something like 90,000 miles on the car and that's the only major problem he's ever had with it.

01-05-03, 11:33 AM
If this place pays without you having to put out the cash, I'd go for it. $1000.00 is nothing compared to what you could be paying at Cadillac with no warrantly... Go for it.. It's a wise investment. If I wasn't in such a rush, I'd check that site out myself.. I hope more people can do that and give you an opinion...

01-05-03, 12:29 PM
well i checked it out, and they have 3 different levels of coverage, check it out (https://www.autowarrantybroker.com/quote5.asp?QID=A030105-18) , this car is what im looking at, a 93 eldo with northstar w/75000 miles. If you all have time to look at, and give me your opinion. The highest amount of coverage is 2200 dollars 36mo/36000 miles, basically covering everything. Just tell me what you think


01-05-03, 11:07 PM
From what I saw, this deal sounds great.. You don't have to put any money out besides the deductable? This is a good system. Thank you for posting the link.. I'll use this on my Vette before I sell it. I'll just buy the warranty and transfer it to the new owner... I'd go for it, Wes..

01-06-03, 03:00 PM
ok, thanks for the reply

I am looking for (and still havent found) a warranty that covers wear items (like the steering wheel and other cosmetic things).

But all in all i think it looks like a good deal. Did you see anything that ISNT covered that can be a major expense?

01-07-03, 08:26 AM
Well. I'm probably not the best person to answer that question.. Any volunteers?

01-07-03, 09:01 PM
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I called the dealership yesterday (monday) about that 93 eldorado, and they sold it the previous monday. CRAP. But fortunately it didnt take me long to find another one. This time i have a 95 eldo with 72k and they want 8000 for it. It is dark blue, and there is a picture in the seville/eldorado forum.

01-07-03, 09:47 PM
That sounds like a good price. I'll go comment on the car in the Eldorado forum...

05-06-11, 10:27 AM
would it be easier to just spend the extra $ and get the full airbag strut replacments for someone who has the OEM now?
that way you wouldnt have to get the passive

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Speaking of Wes, I'm seeing him next weekend in Carlisle PA.

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Speaking of Wes, I'm seeing him next weekend in Carlisle PA.

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05-07-11, 01:00 PM
I should've read the thread before voting. There are so many variables with after-market warranties, they are really a matter of YMMV. Cadillac CPO is an outstanding value. It doesn't cost much and the peace of mind alone may make it worth the money. With a more fully-equipped car, covered repairs are nearly certain.

The regular GM extended warranty still seems like a good value to me on higher-end models. Many reputable dealers offer extended warranties that belong in the next tier. At this level, prices are higher and coverages more limited. Personnally, the selling dealer offered an extension through Zurich that almost is a year (but still capped at 100k miles) supplement to my CPO. It may really be an insurance plan.

The next tier of warranties are a mix of Internet, insurance company and fly-by-night extended warranty 'providers'. Actual results vary widely. Most buyers guides of these plans recommend those that list excluded items rather than included items. Invariably, "everthing but..." covers more than "covers engine, trans, etc." If you go this route, do your homework.

If an owner is well-connected and/or a good mechanic, sell-insurance can be attractive. All cars break and setting aside money for maintenance and repairs will on average be the most cost effective solution. All cars run on used parts. Insurance and warranty companies (ultimately the same thing) make money or fail. Rates go up based on actual claim history. Add in their costs and some profit and in the long run, their prices will be more than being 'self-insured'. But, there is a risk.

Is an unexpected $2,500 repair going to change your lifestyle?