View Full Version : Engine cutout 93STS north*

11-12-03, 12:25 AM
Driving today had my engine cutout on me twice.

Diag code PO83 came up as current ignition module failiure
Can anyone tell me where this is situated, or anyone had this problem.

93 STS North*
Peal white
2002 rims
208500 miles

11-14-03, 12:54 AM
Code P083 is an error reporting a failure of Crankshaft Position "A" or "B" sensor input signal to the Ignition Module.

The diagnosis procedure is a bit long. It consists mostly of checking the connections for loose plugs and damaged wires.

If the wires and connections seem good I would replace both sensors and their O-ring seals.

The sensors are located on the left (foreword) side of the engine, just above the oil filter area. They are a little hard to get at, but it is best tried from the top with the beauty panel removed for access.


05-04-04, 04:45 PM
George, I saw your reply to someone elses problem but you seem to have experience with a related problem of mine. I have a dtc code P083 history. I have inspected wiring near sensors with no visual problem, then replaced both Crank Position Sensors. After clearing codes with on board system code P083 resets immediately at restart. Do you know of or know where I could get diagnostic procedures for this system. Also I am confused as I see this same code on different lists as "24X reference too high" is this the same as the "crank to ignition module signal" or am I barking up the wrong tree. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Lyle