: Here I am

07-25-05, 05:01 PM
I'm Antoon and I'm living in Holland.

After owning a '73 Corvette for some years now, I became father last Christmas. And as a Corvette is not really a family car, I started to look for a 4-door American car.
A friend of mine owns a '78 Seville and because other full size American cars are too long for my car-port, I started to look for a Seville.

After a bad experience on Ebay, I found one in Holland that was imported from Florida last year.


The car is in fairly good condition and is running great.
It only has some electrical problems. Most of them I solved already.

It is a great car to drive and also important: My wife likes it very much!

Because of the current gas prices in Holland ($1,68/l), I concider to build a liquid petrol gas system in the trunk. That cost me some space, but gives me a much better $/mile :thumbsup: I first want to see if the car is reliable before I spend another $2000,- on this system.

I will try to spend some time on this forum now and then. With two friends I have a Corvette website and with a 7 month old daughter, a wife, some friends and a job, I have to devide my time a bit :)

07-25-05, 05:33 PM
Welcome:). Your Seville looks great. Could you tell us more about the "liquid petrol system" that you installed? It sounds interesting...

07-25-05, 05:43 PM
welcome to the forum,

i also want to hear about that "liquid petrol system"

07-25-05, 07:18 PM
:welcome: to the forums.

I don't think L.P. is the way to go here in America. It is more expensive then gas here.

07-26-05, 04:45 PM
:) I already thought LPG is not known in the States.

In Holland 1L of 95 regular costs you about $1,68 ($6,35/gallon), 1L of LPG is about $0,60 ($2,27/gallon):D

They will install a tank in the trunk and a vaporizer under the hood. With a switch on the dash, you can switch between normal gas and LPG (most cars start better on normal gas).

LPG is especially interesting for elder American cars because they use a lot of gas so you save big money.
Normally the road tax is higher for LPG cars than for normal gas cars, but because cars over 25 years are road tax free, LPG is extra profitable.

I'll keep you informed.

07-26-05, 07:40 PM
dads got a 73 vette , 350 (smog) 4 speed, t tops ,white in color ,with black delux interior ...

07-26-05, 07:47 PM
Welcome, and welcoma back Stoney where you been?

07-26-05, 07:48 PM
workin i think.... LOL .....man i sure have been scarce lately havent i ???

this whole working full time thing sure is a massive drain on time ...sorry i havent worked full time in 2 years ...kinda got used to my semi retirement LOL

07-26-05, 08:29 PM
Welcome Antoon.
Don't worry about spending a lot of time here. Stop in whenever you have a questin about your Seville (which is very nice), or if you have a few bored minutes.