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03-02-14, 10:27 PM
This DIY is for anyone wanting to convert from Pulse Wipers to Rainsense Option(CE1)
Rainsense automatically turns on wipers using Infared LED's and sensors inside the windshield sensor mounted next to rearview mirror.
This works on Delay only, low and high wipers act as normal.

This was done on a 98 DeVille, should be same for 97-99 DeVille's and similiar for Seville models.
I tried to include what models to get parts from based off interchanges and dealer sites.
It would be best to get everything from same car if possible.
I have included wiring diagrams, connector end views and pics of actual conversion. Minor details like exactly how I joined wires may not
be included. I recommend soldering all the connections and using heat shrink. DO NOT USE Scotch Locks, if you cannot join two wires without them don't do this conversion.

Do your homework, double check what you're hacking into and as always I take NO responsibility for you dorking your car up following these instructions.
If I missed something or you need something else clarified or added/changed let me know.
If your car DOES NOT have mirror with auto dark and or compass in it(read has an electrical connection on back) you will need additional wiring since the Rain Sensor taps into
this wiring above the mirror, It may or may not be above head liner.
Parts Needed
ACDelco 25645365 Windshield Washer Mist Sensor Cleaning Kit
This kit has the necessary adhesive to attach the rain sensor to windshield, not using this will cause the system to not operate as designed.

Everything else used:
Wiper motor GM 22137898 (HOLLANDER INTERCHANGE 620-00821M)
found on these models and prob more:
Technically you only need the Motor head off the above motors as the motor is the same, but costs the same to get whole motor usually.

You also need the wire harness going to the wiper motor head(the large 8 wire not the 3 wire at end of motor).
This connector is found on many other GM vehicles so if it's missing on your donor car check around(wire colors irrelevant)
A new connector will cost $30+ retail.

I got the entire wiper motor wiring to include the 3 wire connector just for testing and to verify the wiring and what GM did.

Rain Sensor for inside windshield AND the harness.
The Rain Sensor model you need is 5 wire NOT 4 wire.
I have listed several model numbers below that either I have and work or others have given me from their cars(and the one from GM parts site)
The number I used was 25657767(was listed as 97 STS)
One currently on 98 GM parts site: 25713342

Here is what GM lists for interchange:

Cadillac Concours 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac Concours 4 DR 1996
Cadillac Concours DEVILLE 4 DR 1997
Cadillac Concours SEVILLE 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac D'Elegance 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac D'Elegance CONCOURS 4 DR 1996
Cadillac D'Elegance DEVILLE 4 DR 1997
Cadillac D'Elegance SEVILLE 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac Deville 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac Deville 4 DR 1997
Cadillac Deville CONCOURS 4 DR 1996
Cadillac Deville SEVILLE 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac Deville Touring 1998, 1999
Cadillac Eldorado 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Cadillac Eldorado Touring 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Cadillac Hearse 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac Hearse CONCOURS 4 DR 1996
Cadillac Hearse DEVILLE 4 DR 1997
Cadillac Hearse SEVILLE 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac High Luxury 1998, 1999
Cadillac Limousine 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac Limousine CONCOURS 4 DR 1996
Cadillac Limousine DEVILLE 4 DR 1997
Cadillac Limousine SEVILLE 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac Seville 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Cadillac Seville 4 DR 1996, 1997
Cadillac Seville CONCOURS 4 DR 1996
Cadillac Seville DEVILLE 4 DR 1997

You will also need wire, solder gun, tape etc for splicing into existing wiring and running new wires.

The NON Rainsense DOES NOT have the word "AUTO" above Delay on the Stalk, the specs are the same and it worked fine.

Before modifying any wiring I recommend you UNHOOK THE BATTERY.
I would run all your wires then modify(hook into existing wires), once you start your wipers may or may not work until you complete the conversion.
When cutting off connectors cut back a ways so if you have to reconnect you have plenty of wire to work with.

Wire changes needed INSIDE
3 new wires need to be run from rain sensor on window to under the dash, I ran from sunroof wiring area to the drivers side and down the A Pillar.
ONE of these will need to be run out to the wiper motor(I drilled a hole in the throttle cable/wiring connector to run the wire)
The PINK wire on main column connector PIN E9 will need to be cut, the PINK wire from the rain sensor gets connected to PINK wire going to the stalk. Simple enough.
LT BLUE from rain sensor will be connected to the PINK wire cut that goes to wiper motor(basically you are routing PINK through the Rain Sensor now)
LT GRN will be run directly to the wiper motor from the Rain Sensor
Ground and power wires from rain sensor are soldered into mirror wiring. Refer to mirror wiring for proper wires.

Use the Rain Sensor mount/clean kit to mount the rain sensor to the frt window.
Wasn't very difficult at all, the kit is extremely easy to use and took maybe an hr total with dorking around.

The entire wiper motor can be changed or just the MOTOR HEAD, if you live in the salt belt i would change the whole motor as 2 of the torx head screws from my donor motor snapped instantly even with BP Blaster.
The motor is exactly the same, just the heads are different, pay attention to the cam position when swapping the motor heads. Use sealant on the motor head when reattaching it.

Outside at the wiper motor, cut tape off exsisting wiring going to both wiper motor connectors.
You will need to solder in the new 8 pin connector based off wiring diagrams.
The pins are phisically different between the 2 motor heads though so you cannot just pop the pins out and insert into the new connector.
I had to change half the wires on my new connector as they were in very poor shape, I just soldered them on to the old pins, new pins should be available also.
Not a high stress area so I'm not worried about them coming off.

Basically at the wiper motor you have to solder color for color for most, 8 wires total
RED/BLK from OLD to RED NEW 8 pin
BLU/WHT from OLD to DK BLU NEW 8 pin
DK GRN/WHT from OLD to DK GRN NEW 8 pin
YEL/BLK from OLD to YEL NEW 8 pin
Run 1 new wire from inside(LT GRN) to NEW 8 pin
solder 1 wire from new 8 pin wiring into existing 3 pin wiring to motor (PPL wires). I joined near the point the two harness for motor split.
Solder OLD PINK to LT BLUE on 8 pin connector (you are using OLD PINK for this circuit so don't have to run two new wires)

Tape it up and hook em up.
My total cost was less than $75 for this conversion. I had Ebay searches for items I needed and bought when dirt cheap over the last few months. Amazon has mounting kit for less than $20 most of the time.





02-20-17, 12:38 PM
Great write-up! I'm looking into doing this to my 96 Impala SS, the motors appear the same so bolt up shouldn't be an issue. The wiring for the impala appears exactly like the non-CE1 models. The only issue I'm having is wiring up the power for the sensor. "Ground and power wires from rain sensor are soldered into mirror wiring. Refer to mirror wiring for proper wires." I can't find any wiring diagrams online for the mirror to know where to get power from. Ground (probably black) is easy, I mainly just need to know if the power (possibly orange) is switched or constant 12v.

Here is the wiring for the Impala.