: What clutch

07-25-05, 01:00 AM
I have the LPE flywheel, I just need to know who makes a clutch and what parts are needed, like the katech slave spacer or something of the sorts. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

07-25-05, 11:16 AM
http://cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/rolleyes.gifThanks for all the replies everyone.

07-25-05, 11:51 AM
I could be wrong but I believe with the LPE flywheel it still uses the factory clutch. So a factory replacement clutch is what you would want. Or a phone call to LPE might be in order to see what they recommend..


07-25-05, 12:06 PM
I would call Ed at LPE, he knows his stuff and has really helped us out in the past.

ed 260-724-2552

07-25-05, 07:51 PM
I need something of holding 600+rw

07-25-05, 10:22 PM
I believe a stock clutch would handle 6+ hp.I plan on going back stock when mine needs replaced.

07-26-05, 03:15 PM
Check out TPIS. They make a performance clutch that may suit your needs and it's pretty reasonable.

07-27-05, 12:23 AM
Thank YOU!