: Long Week...but you guys may not care

07-25-05, 12:25 AM
Been visiting with my old buddies from the SHO Club at their national convention in Indy. Got out here last Sunday night and will be going home in the morning.

Have had a lot of fun with old friends. Did some karting on Tuesday and finally got to get the car to the road course. Putnam Park was on Wednesday and it was hot. Very hot. Hoosiers are a very good thing to have on a road course. It was very easy to learn the limits and we had a few Cobra Rs come to the track. They were instructor cars and I never got a chance to run with them. There were a couple of SHOs that were very impressive with a couple of very impressive drivers. One was a stripped down '92 that went from 3300lbs stock to 2800 and was running around 275hp. The other was a supercharged SHO. Both were much lighter and had very experienced drivers with race rubber. I couldn't pass them and when they ran behind they couldn't pass me. Many of you may not have any respect for SHOs and if you have an opinion, go ahead. But it was the most fun I've ever had at the track. Hopefully sefa01, willsctsv and I can meet up soon.

Thursday was the drags at Indianapolis Raceway Park. I just watched. a healthy diff was all I cared about. Car and Driver was just starting to get cars in. They were also setting up the autocross course. They had the S4s, Mustangs and SLK55s there. The SLR Merc was there. As we were leaving, a V trailer pulled up. They had Papis' car inside. They said Andy Pilgrim would be there for the weekend for hotlap sessions.

Friday I toured the Indiana countryside on a rally originally put together by the local BMW club. I ended up meeting up with a 450whp s/c SHO. He also has a sick camera setup on his front bumper. There is some great video of him following me around some very twisty roads. I also stopped at the Indianapolis Raceway Museum and got to ride around the track. The best $6 I ever spent.

This weekend's C&D event wasn't as good as I had hoped. The autocrosses where your goal is to beat the editor wasn't too bad. The lines moved well enough. But on the Vette session, I got stuck with a Viper which I believe is best suited for road courses. I couldn't fit well enough and didn't have good control. The afternoon session in the 330i was much more enjoyable and my time was fairly close to the editor's. But in between was utter hell. We had a noon session to ride in the Carrera GT. After about 2 hours, it started to rain and I had to wait another hour to get the ride in the Porshce. Fun...but not worth the 3 hour wait. I also had a 1PM ride in a Mercedes DTM race car. Taking so long to get in the Carrera didn't matter because the Merc never showed. I could've rode in a Viper to make up for it but the afternoon autocross got in the way. Oh well. After going to the Olive Garden for dinner, my brother and I went back for the playing of Cannonball Run with Brock Yates narrating.

Today was a little better probably because we knew what to expect. I had a 9AM autocross in a right-hand drive GTI. Pretty funky ride but not too much because I beat Idzikowski's time by about 4/10th a second. That was fun. Immediately after I had the 10PM autocross in the Vette yet again. This time I refused to be shuttled into a Viper. On the second run, I turned off the TC. I knew Larry Webster did his run without it on. The guy running it was pissed that I turned it off but I didn't care. The Vipers don't have TC anyway.

After that, I ran over to the hotlap sessions to get an 11AM ride in an STi with Petter Solberg. But they wore out the tires and couldn't get new ones????? Whatever. I quickly got into a 10:30AM line for the CTS-VR. Even though my time was suppose to be for 12:30, they let me in since not many had signed up. I was excited!!! Unfortunately, the guy in front of me was too big. He and I were the same size. I did everything I could. I got my lower body in. I just couldn't twist enough. I was sick! But I had talked to Andy on Saturday and he was as nice as could be. We talked about my V at Putnam Park and how the Hoosiers really let the car come alive. We also agreed on how quickly one gets accustomed to driving the V at 10/10ths on a road course. Anyway, he remembered me and was very apologetic that I couldn't ride. I told him next time I see him, I'll have dropped 50 lbs. He said he'll take me out if he can.

So after getting over the fact I'm too fat for the VR, we got our slips from the autocross and took off around 12:30PM. It was over 100 degrees and we'd had enough. Not the best run event but it didn't matter to me, I was already here. My poor brother came out from Mass just for the weekend primarily for Petter in the STi. He had 2 scheduled runs with him. The first time, Petter ran out of the contracted hour before my brother got to the front. Today, no tires. 1000 miles each way. At least he got a picture with him.

Anyway, you've been able to live without my useless post almost all week. Starting tomorrow night, we're going back to my normal useless banter. Just figure I'd warn you all now.

07-25-05, 12:31 AM
Sounds like fun.

07-25-05, 01:12 AM
We care Jim! I have alot of respect for the SHO's. I remember in my younger days when I was about 16 I used to goto Terminal Island in San Pedro, Ca. every weekend and I got to know this older gentleman who had a stock green SHO with a 75 shot nitrous who ran 12's consistently on street tires. Glad to hear that you had a great weekend!

07-25-05, 06:13 PM
Very cool writeup,I did nothing but work.

07-25-05, 10:58 PM
There's an SCCA Autocrosser in the San Francisco region with an SHO that consistently scores well. He drives it because he could find no other performance hardtop car that fit him when wearing a helmet. They're impressive when tweaked for performance and shod with race rubber. I had him sit in my V, Sho n'uff.. he was too tall. (And no I don't have the moon roof.)

07-26-05, 03:40 AM
Glad to know there is respect for the SHO. I was afraid of getting harrassed because I couldn't pass these 2 SHOs. I did make quick work of a couple s/c SHOs and an Evo. I just wish I could've mixed it up with the Cobra Rs. I'll try to get some links for pics and video.

07-26-05, 05:37 AM
Sounds like a great weekend. :) Spent mine getting the first coat of Zaino on the new V. Allot less fun, but man does it look nice now. :) Great write up. Definitely sounds like a good time. :)

07-26-05, 09:25 AM
I loved your report from a true enthusist!