: Couple pics from weekend project - flywheel / headers

Texan V
07-24-05, 11:23 PM
So I finally got around to installing the B&B headers (keeping my fingers crossed that the cats hold up) and the TPIS single mass flywheel. I managed to snap a few pics along the process and thought I'd share. The header install wasn't so bad but I had already buttoned everything back up, lowered the car back to ground and was walking into the house when I saw the dipstick tube still sitting on the work bench :banghead: . Flywheel wasn't too bad, pretty straight forward, just time consuming... everything took me about 14 hours over two days. First impressions, man I need a tune. Other than that, it feels as if the car is much lighter now. Throttle response is much better and the revs come alot quicker with the new flywheel. The clutch pedal is less firm now and it takes a little more gas to get going from a stand still so I'll have to relearn how to drive the V. I think that cars is running a little on the rough side due to the headers so it's off to MTI this week for a dyno and tune. One thing to note, when I first cranked the car up it made what I first thought was a lot of smelly smoke. I thought it was the exhaust wrap after confirming no oil leaks anywhere, but further observation led me to think that it was the clutch. After about two mintues the smoke / dust stoppped and now it's just a little stinky. I drove about 10 miles since the install and the smell got gradually better / less so I hope it goes away altogether after tomorrow's 70 mile commute to from the office. Any thoughts on the burning smell from the clutch? Normal clutch breaking in with the new flywheel, contaminants on the flywheel surface (I bolted straight on and didn't clean it or anything), something I did wrong?

TPIS kit components:

B&B headers, wrapped and ready for install:

Tranny removed, stock flywheel:

Last shot, comparison of the TPIS and stock flywheels:


07-24-05, 11:54 PM
Good job, I would like to see what kind of power you will be making now with these mods .:thumbsup:

07-25-05, 12:57 AM
You sure its not that header wrap, that stuff smells real bad when getting broke in.

07-25-05, 01:21 AM
Now that looks like fun. More pics!

Texan V
07-25-05, 01:21 AM
You know, I can't say for sure. It was real obvious at initial start up, smoke everywhere and it appeared to be coming from beneath the car. But after a few minutes just the smell was there and the smoke was gone. I looked under the car for fluid and saw none. Checked under the hood and everything seemed okay there as well. I saw on another forum mention of new clutch "break in" but there were no details. Has anyone ever heard of breaking in a clutch before?

07-25-05, 07:54 AM
you really should talk to StealthV about his tune....you have basically the same mods as me, and he has a tune just perfect for you.

ps. I'd really like drivability updates with your flywheel...

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07-25-05, 10:54 AM
I have the TPIS flywheel, and did not experience any smell/smoke after installation.
TPIS reports a 6-8 RWHP gain with their flywheel, but it feels more like 30 RWHP. Perhaps this is because the gain is everywhere on the rpm scale - even off idle. There really is no downside to this modification. Idle is still smooth and silent. No gear rattle in neutral. I can easily start in second gear, except maybe on a steep grade.

My ideal modification is one that my wife doesn't notice, or better, one that she says makes driving the car "easier". With the TPIS flywheel she reports it is easier to drive because the clutch pedal is "lighter".

In a conversation with TPIS I asked if they coated the inside of their headers. TPIS said they tried it (using JetHot) with no success. The coating burned off. Perhaps your smell is coating overspray on the inside of the headers that is burning off.

Texan V
07-25-05, 02:39 PM
What ever it was that smoked for a couple of minutes after initial start up and continued to smell for the next 10 miles or so of driving is completely gone now. Erik @ TPIS said that it is not normal but if it went away and the clutch isn't slipping (it isn't) then I'm most likely okay. Perhaps it was the ThermoTec header wrap cooking(?). The car needs a tune pretty bad. I have a check engine light and the exhaust tips have an insane amount of carbon build up already with only about 35 miles of driving on them (I washed them last night). I'm scheduled to take it in to MTI today at 3:00 so later this evening I post Dyno results.