: The Caddy lives again - Life after the dreaded head leakage

02-28-14, 12:06 PM
Hi all:

I recently had my heads repaired and had my Northstar engine rebuilt. I believe it was good decision and the events are listed below:

I have a 99 Deville that has been in the family since new. At 165,000 the aft head started leaking. After much debate, and weighing the pros and cons of having it repaired, we decided to have it fixed. The problem was where and whom. Not wanting to pay dealer prices, I looked for a place that had specific knowledge, experience, and affordable price. After much searching I decided on a place in Youngstown, Ohio, by the name of Davis auto repair, AKA The Cadillac Doctor. The main reason was that I was driving from St. Louis to Cleveland for Christmas, and his place is close to where my family lives.

I contacted him in November and he said he could take care of it. We drove up there, stopping every now and then to add coolant. Thank goodness for the cold temps on the drive up there. Dale Davis is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is also very trusting. He had me drop off the car at his house on a Sunday, so they could start on it early on Monday. At the last minute, I asked if we could get a rebuilt. Dale didn't have any rebuilts available, so he rebuilt mine! Dale and his guys worked overtime the week of Christmas to rebuild my engine, and had me and my family on our way the next weekend.

For anyone considering the headgasket repair or a rebuilt, I highly recommend Dale, It will be worth your drive!

The car runs great and we look forward to many more miles and years in the Caddy.


02-28-14, 12:42 PM
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