View Full Version : P022 code TPS open

07-23-05, 04:39 AM
I just had my Flywheel replaced due to it being cracked from loose motor mount, and immpropper installation..(bolts to the crank were not torqued down and eventually backked out)...but anywho...when i took it in, it was running fine just a loud rattle noise at idle, but it shifted fine, and motor sounded fine... and once I got the rpms over 1k, the rattle noise would go away...back to my point... it shifted fine had no codes no other issues... I just got it back, and when it pull up the OBD and it has several codes in history and with the car running, the p022 is current..(TPS open)...i'm hoping that this was something possibly over looked and the connection was left open on accedent... What I need to know is where is throttle position sensor located? so i can see if I can just reconnect or at least investigate...

Thanks in advance.


07-23-05, 11:01 AM
Looking over the left fender at the TB you will see two electrical connections on the front (your left) side of the TB. The top one is the ISC (Idle Speed Control) valve, the lower one (inline with the throttle plate axis) is the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).