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07-23-05, 12:51 AM
Where can i get CCW rims or Iforged i need to kno asap thanks

07-23-05, 01:42 AM

07-23-05, 04:00 AM

All the info you need is there.

07-23-05, 06:38 AM

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07-23-05, 08:28 AM
Hey, you may want to stay away from Iforged. I've got a good horror story about those with my V. Funny thing is, the place I got mine from is in Florida, called wheels boutique. Let me know if you want to hear the long drawn-out saga.


07-23-05, 12:46 PM
I'd like to know your bad experience with iForged. Not only from a curiousity standpoint, but also the fact I've had great service and a great product.

My purchase did not go without event, however. The fact my car was lowered did not factor into their fitment equation smoothly, so I ended up sending my front wheels back to be resized. It was about two weeks for the turnaround; there was some mixup but Vincent sent my wheels back via 2nd Day Air, so I would have them by the weekend.

From my experience, I was able to provide them with some valuable data in regards to fitment for lowered V's. While my set is far from ideal, a good friend of mine who is talented with fender rolling, helped me out greatly. I haven't had any other troubles with my wheels. My only gripe is that they are not able to fit the stock tire pressure sensors.

I ordered my wheels direct from iForged, BTW.

07-23-05, 01:40 PM
I've got the 20x8.5 and 20x10 retros. My tire pressure sensors fit fine, with a band. My experience is this - Ordered on March 15th, recieved about 2nd week of May. Drove for 1 1/2 days, and my left rear started deflating. Sent back to Wheels boutique. Got back a couple of weeks later and they said that the leaking bead was because they were new:hmm: . Remounted and the right rear started leaking. Called they said it was the same problem, so I was going to take it to another shop to have them break and reseal the tire after cleaning the bead. Never made it that far, because the rear left started deflating again:wtf: . This time I sent them back to Wheels Boutique after having them on my car 6 days. This time I was informed that the reason was that the rims had been polished inside the barrel, and upon acceleration, my wheel was moving independent of my tire:helpless: . They shipped them across country to iForged, who had to replace both of the rear barrels on the two rims. That took another 2-3 weeks. Well Wheels Boutique sent them back me, and as of Wednesday, I have one new beautiful rear rim and tire - UPS lost the other one:banghead: . Don't get me wrong, Wheels Boutique has been doing all they can to help. I just can't imagine a company like iForged not knowing how to make a 3 piece rim. Needless to say, if UPS doesn't find my rim, I'm going to give up on the whole wheel thing. I think the man upstairs maybe trying to tell me something. Sorry for the long post, but that's the story.


07-23-05, 03:36 PM
Haha, that's not a long post.

Now, for the frustration of your entire situation, I empathize. My friend, keep your outlook positive and all will be well in the end. I haven't had deflation problems with my tires, but the bands I used for my TPS shattered into several pieces on two rims. I have yet to find a good solution.

Their wheels are pretty but I saw on some other board that iForged and HRE use the same plant to manufacture their wheels. HRE has had some bad comments about their wheels failing during competitive driving events. This worries me to some extent, then I think to myself, "Hot laps on $4000.00 worth of rim? Shiiiiit no!" I tend to dip two wheels off everytime I get on the track, just so I can find my limit. Hell, I've been known to go off-roading on some occasions; even challenged (and lost) to a tirewall once.

I can't be happier with my rims. I did go with iForged as my alternative. First looked into HRE, but got shitty intial contact, so looked further and found CCW. Loved their wheel styles, but the five spoke set I wanted, John said he didn't have available in the six lug pattern. So I found the iForged Aeros and immediately decided upon them.

The only thing I can say to you is, "Go with the flow." Don't stress, everything will be alright!

07-23-05, 05:25 PM
I think the man upstairs maybe trying to tell me something. Sorry for the long post, but that's the story.


Why yes, yes he is.

07-23-05, 10:00 PM
Why yes, yes he is.

Yeah, that maybe UPS sucks, huh?

07-23-05, 11:18 PM
LOL. :halo:

07-24-05, 06:56 PM
gp to www.wheelsboutique.com (http://www.wheelsboutique.com) but get hres not i-forged, you might also want to try avus wheels