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07-22-05, 05:31 PM
Hello everyone, new member here I'm in Pensacola, FL. but originally from California. I drive a '00 Escalade. Does anyone know to to post pics. I would like to post pics of my lade.

07-22-05, 10:41 PM
Welcome Cheech!

Thanks for joining the forum. Posting a picture (uploading) is very easy to do.
Click this link: http://www.cadillacforums.com/photopost/uploadphoto.php
or go to our Cadillac Images icon at the top of the page. If you look down the right side of the screen you will find a help key, press it and you are on your way! Good luck!

07-22-05, 10:45 PM
:welcome: to Cadillac Forums. I'll be watching for pics of the"Lade".

07-23-05, 08:47 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome. Paul thanks for the info, i'll be getting my pics up soon.

07-23-05, 12:13 PM
:welcome: to the forums.

07-24-05, 09:27 PM
hello everyonewell i finally got my escalade pics up. i put 3 up, i will have to put up more later.